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The latest issue of Dengeki Playstation has a interview with XIII-2 Producer Yoshinori Kitase and Director Motomu Toriyama. The interviewed detailed various aspects about XIII-2.

* The game has been split into ‘Episodes’. Each one takes about 3 hours to complete, and is meant to help people who may be busy.

* The bonuses for the XIII Save Data include Special Decorations for your Pocket Monster collection, and you’ll have a higher chance of winning in the Casino games. There’s also “Something special” at the title screen. He also revealed that, unlike previously assumed, the XIII Save Data does NOT have to be a Cleared Save File.

* Like previously detailed, battles with DLC Monsters will take place in a special Colosseum area. The colosseum will also have a small part in the overall story.

* There will be an area of the world where you can check updates about released DLC.

* Along with the ability to save at any time, the game will also have a Auto-Save feature. It was included because of its popularity in overseas games. However, since its not completely obvious when it happens, the option to do a manual save at any time was included.

* Interestingly, Odin will be available as a recruitable monster. He is a boss monster for one of the game’s episodes, but it wasn’t said if this is where you can recruit it.

* After clearing the game, you’ll return to the opening area. Closing the Historia Crux gate there will unlock a ‘New Game Plus’ experience. This will help access all the items and paths available during the game, and obtaining items from different Live Trigger choices.

* Serah and Noel will start the game with only Commando, Ravager, and Sentinel roles available.

* When Dengeki asked about Sazh’s role in the game (you may recall he appeared in a trailer a few weeks ago), they answered ”Final Fantasy XIII-2 will continue after release, so look forward to later.” This could imply that Sazh will appear in DLC missions. This could mean thats there more than just Monsters and Costumes to look forward too.


Dengeki gave XIII-2 an ‘S’ ranking in their Buyer’s Guide. A normal numbered ranking out of 100 by reviewers will come later.

Well, we’ve FINALLY got the confirmation. Transferring your Final Fantasy XIII Save File (he didn’t say, but i’d assume it has to be a completed one) will net you a bonus item in XIII-2. He says its not a big thing that will have too much of an effect on the game, but it will be convenient to have.

Along with this, he also shared details on a few aspects of XIII-2.

Firstly, the Fragment System. These can be thought of as Quests, and there’s over 100 of them in the game. Completing them will net you rewards, skill boosts, and various other things. These are however, completely optional, so if you’re not a completionist you won’t have to worry.

Secondly, the loading time on Xbox 360. I don’t know if anyone else knows about this, but when I personally played a Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo, I started at the same time as a guy playing the PS3 version and by the time I was done loading, he was a fair way into the game. Kitase notes that this problem has been fixed, and the game’s loading is extremely quick. The only real times you have to wait is when switching time zones through the Historia Crux.

On the topic of Historia Crux, Kitase confirmed that the only time periods available are AFTER the events of Final Fantasy XIII. The reason for this is, at the end of FFXIII there was a “catastrophe” of some sort, and that ruined the flow of time. He noted that ‘Time Paradoxes’ will be an important part of XIII-2′s story. He also noted that Time Travelling will affect the world itself, using the good old method – if you do something in the past, it can change the future. Doing this, you will slowly piece together the mysteries of the story. Hopefully you’ll be free to experiment a bit.

As has been mentioned before, using Historia Crux you can replay parts of the game. Kitase compared this to be a sort of ‘New Game Plus’ of sorts, however you can replay pieces without clearing the game first.

Lastly, Kitase talked about the importance of Hope Esthiem in XIII-2. While he reiterated that Serah and Noel are the main characters, Hope plays a big part in the game, even more so than the other returning cast members. His role in the game connects to the theme of “prayer for regeneration/rebirth.”


Translations by Andriasang
And forum member Musou made a thread while I was writing this, so thanks!

In a not-surprising news release, Producer Yoshinori Kitase has announced Final Fantasy XIII-2 is very close to completion. He was also nice enough to share some personal impressions, as he himself is currently playing through the game.

Kitase said that the game is heavily packed with various different elements, like Historia Crux, Fragment Collecting and new Side-Missions.  He remarked that, even with the new Player-Driven approach rather than XIII’s Story-Driven approach, the game’s story is great and balances well with the gameplay itself.

Kitase also brought up a feature of the Historia Crux – when you, for example, get into a fight with a strong monster too early and you die, when you go back to a Time Portal you have the option of ‘Resetting’ the area you are in, and the strong monster will reappear for you to fight with your new higher level characters. This could be one of the ways XIII-2′s replay value has been expanded, but we don’t know for sure yet if this works on Bosses and Story Events.

Lastly, during the event, a girl came up to him and asked in Japanese when Versus XIII would be released. Kitase noted he was rather unhappy that he was unable to give her an answer. He says it left a strong impression on him.


Thanks for member Musou for pointing this out!
Futher details and translations from Andriasang

Toriyama and Kitase have been interviewed by Dengeki Playstation, in which they reveal a few new details about DLC and how Monsters play out in your party in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

So far, a fair amount of DLC has been announced. Kitase tells Dengeki that we can expect a lot more with downloads coming out about twice a month after the games released. He does however say that it won’t be as simple as just downloading an item or costume. To unlock them, you have to clear certain requirements within the game, such as defeating a particular monster. Right now, they’re making the necessary adjustments to the game to make it so the downloadable costumes will be visible in cutscenes.

Dengeki has gives a detailed explanation of the games Summon Raid and Syncro Drive Gauge systems used by Monster party members.

Summon Raid

Some Monsters turn into crystal during battles. The amount that do is dependent on the Monster. You can set up three monsters for use with Summon Raid, each with different roles in combat. When the player switches Paradigm, the monster with the role best suited for it will be swapped in.

Syncro Drive Gauge

When a Monster is fighting with your party, it builds up the Syncro Gauge. When the Gauge is full, the Monster has the chance to perform a special move. It may involve the player performing quick-times.

Source: Andriasang

You’ve probably forgotten that a half-hour television special for Final Fantasy XIII-2 aired on the 15th in Japan. How could you not, with all that juicy TGS action going on? Turns out you didn’t miss much. Most of the information shared by Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama has already been revealed and the latter half of the programme featured Masashi Ebara (Sazh’s Japanese voice actor) paying a visit to select departments working on the game.

Among the few notable segments, composer Mitsuto Suzuki demonstrated the music production process with a track that hasn’t been heard before. You can check that out below. After having a chat with co-composer Naoshi Mizuta about the new Archylte Steppe theme and checking in with the game’s foley artists (that’s sound effects, for you clueless types out there), there was a brief montage of various visual processes. You can find shots of those a bit further down, too. Images include a demonstration of the animation process using a frightening dragon-type creature, manipulation of Sazh’s eyebrows, a city locale and Serah running through a city (maybe the same one) on a rainy night.

Two months ago inside a Famitsu interview with Nomura, he confirmed that after 6 years, they were finally preparing to go into full production of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Yesterday it was confirmed that this has begun.

During yesterdays Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fan meeting, Kitase was questioned about the development of Type-0 and Versus. His answer, “for Type-0 and Versus XIII we are giving 100% to development”. With just over a month to go until Type-0 is out, that’s unsurprising but the fact that Versus is now in full production should give a lot of people hope. Just for reference, it was also confirmed that XIII-2 is 90% complete with a development period of 1 and a half years.

Source: Nova Crystallis

A fan event was recently held by Square Enix for a select group of people. For this event they were allowed to play the most updated demo for Final Fantasy XIII-2 as well as partake in a Q&A with two of the game’s main staff, Motomu Toriyama and Yoshinori Kitase. As such, a few new details not previously known has been revealed.

As far as story is concerned, they have confirmed that Snow, who has been absent thus far to which a handful of people seem grateful for, from what we have seen, will indeed make an appearance though apparently he has still yet to marry Serah.

Along with the Snow confirmation, they also stated that the upcoming Tokyo Game Show will host a slew of character reveals ranging from re-revealing older characters from the first game to new characters. For example, Hope, who was recently seen in the latest trailer will probably get a full reveal in the coming week. Also, it’s been a long time coming but it seems the the mysterious purple haired man from the very first trailer will also be finally, formally revealed.

They also hope to reveal the release date at TGS as well and they hinted at the possibility of a Limited Edition version which wouldn’t be too surprising. And naturally, as it was with the first game, the question of DLC came up to which they simply and again unsurprisingly said that they were looking into it. Also, don’t get rid of your Final Fantasy XIII save file because it may have some use when XIII-2 comes out.

You can read further about the gameplay in the updated demo, including new info on capturing monsters, party details and more here

Source: Nova Crystallis Blog

Dengeki Playstation has just been released with an eight page spread covering the Final Fantasy XIII-2 details from E3. Most of it is things we’ve already heard but there are a few new details Toriyama and Kitase failed to mention elsewhere.

As already confirmed, Noel will be a major character in XIII-2 but in Dengeki, Toriyama confirms that he’ll have a more prominent role than Lightning with the game mainly progressing with Noel and Serah. Snow has been confirmed to make an appearance in XIII-2 but there’s no mention of him being playable.

The Mog Clock system which we’ve covered before apparently was implemented to help make battles shorter according to Toriyama.

Towns and the NPCs within them have a much larger role in XIII-2 with particular effort being put into the towns people. Members of your party will walk around towns freely getting into conversations with residents. The towns people will also have some form of individual AI according to Toriyama. One example of how it’s implemented is that NPCs will seek cover when it begins to rain. Apparently the weather in a certain area will also effect battles.

Finally, auto-saves will be much more frequent.

Source: Andriasang and Andriasang

Since 2006, we’ve all assumed Agito, and now Type-0, would be released worldwide like any Final Fantasy title. That assumption has been called into question with producer Yoshinori Kitase unable to confirm a release outside of Japan. Gaming Union questioned Kitase about Type-0′s release at E3.

“As you may know very well, with the PSP market, the situation is very different in Japan than outside of Japan. We are having to be very very careful in how we decide what would be the best way to deliver the game to all the gamers. At the moment I can’t give you any confirmed decision, so please be patient for a little bit longer.”

It seems unlikely that the game won’t see an international release, especially with the official site being updated during E3. It just seems they haven’t put much thought into the idea yet. We can remain fairly confident that the game will see the light of day in the West eventually but for now, we can’t be sure.

Source: Gaming Union

Interviews with Toriyama and Kitase have popped up online with plenty of new details on FFXIII-2 contained within them. Recognition of the negative reaction from gamers to the original title is a key factor in development of the game with the team at Square Enix dedicated to making it more “Player driven”. Here are all the new details divulged by the duo today. There are a lot.

Although FFXIII sold over 6 million units worldwide, the team realised the launch was fairly lackluster with a mixed reaction from gamers and reviewers.

Linearity was the main cause of concern. They decided that for the sequel, all the positive parts of the game would be included or improved upon and the parts which were criticized would absolutely have to be tackled. They knew things had to be changed from the original formula.

Linearity is addressed in multiple ways. The new dialog tree implemented allows player to converse with NPCs with multiple outcomes and they’ll be reducing the amount of cutscenes used to break up the narrative focusing on more interactive storytelling. Standing still at certain locations can trigger dynamic cutscenes but they won’t be stopping you if you want to proceed. They want players to explore and trigger cutscenes by themselves rather than force them upon people. The Live Trigger system gives you multiple ways to tackle your current objective. These can include performing tasks which could for example make an upcoming boss battle easier or even avoid it completely. Branching paths remove the linear corridors you were forced to follow in the original and side quests will finally return including plenty of dungeons to explore. The key theme being introduced into this title is choice and freedom, and that these choices will impact the story. With this comes the startling announcement that FFXIII-2 will contain multiple endings. How many endings are possible hasn’t been revealed yet but it’s still a great departure from what we’ve seen before, even if it has been done countless times in other titles.

Several new gameplay features were revealed yesterday including QTE’s, Mog Clock and the ability to jump and although the battle system remains largely unchanged, there are a few more tweaks. Serah won’t be able to summon Eidolons as she isn’t a l’cie anymore but she can instead call monsters to her aid as a third party member. They refused to go into further detail but it’s apparently much deeper in application than described so far. Another complaint addressed was the lack of plenty of mini-games usually found in Final Fantasy titles. Apparently they will be featured in XIII-2 but no details have been revealed. A re-designed game map will also be included. No details on the leveling system have been given yet. Toriyama also said that they plan to allow you to play the game multiple times but when asked whether this meant a “New Game +” type system with characters experience and items carried over, he said they preferred to offer an alternative system to that.

Talking about development, Kitase stated that they wanted to add much more

content to the game that would be worthy of it’s predecessor. He was disappointed by the decision to not release DLC for FFXIII but Toriyama says they can’t confirm how many DLC packs could be made available. Kitase also made sure to add that development of XIII-2 hadn’t impacted on the development of Final Fantasy Versus XIII in any way. Finally, when Kitase was asked whether the game could appear on Nintendo’s new Wii U console, he said that they’re looking into the format but currently XIII-2 will be limited to PS3 and Xbox 360.

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