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Short Final Fantasy Type-0 Impressions
Date: October 28th, 2011 Author: Rabla
News Category: Final Fantasy Type-0
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If you’re one of the few remaining people here that is unsure about the recently released Final Fantasy Type-0,  then you’ll be glad to know we’ve put up some impressions of the game. The post looks at parts of the story, different types of gameplay, and the customization available for characters and abilities.

It does contain minor spoilers from the first few hours, but I believe nearly everyone knows these anyway. The impressions are inside the Type-0 Spoiler Forum however, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, be careful how you leave the thread.

Short Final Fantasy Type-0 Impressions

It’s only a few minutes into the 27th, and live streams of Final Fantasy Type-0 have already begun. It’s taken 5 years but Agito is finally here! In Japan anyway. Now comes the real test of whether it was worth the wait. Let’s hope to see strong sales figures so it can be brought overseas.

Naturally, that may take a while. So if you’re like many of us who are impatient, a Japanese player is playing the game on a live stream so we can feel a part of the action. You can’t get spoiled much more than this, so those of you with a strong constitution will have to try your best to resist. Click through the link below to see the stream.

Update: He’s done for the day. Here’s a link to another stream currently going on:

Twitch TV Leta_jp’s Final Fantasy Type-0 Disk 1 Live Stream

LiveTube | Final Fantasy Type-0 Live Stream

If you wish to discuss the spoilers or the live streams, come visit our Type-0 Spoiler Forum.

Thanks to forum member Ramenzilla for finding this.

Final Fantasy Type-0: Ten Minute Opening
Date: October 26th, 2011 Author: Emily
News Category: Final Fantasy Type-0
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The opening for Final Fantasy Type-0 has surfaced, and naturally, it looks awesome. Check it out below.

Thanks to forum member Ffamran mied Bunansa for posting the video.

More and more Final Fantasy Type-0 information keeps pouring out of the latest issue of Dengeki. This time, the details are pretty in depth, but a lot of it is invaluable information about how the game plays. Thanks to Nova Crystallis reader Goli, we have a full translation. Read it all below.

In the Peristylium

Some facilities are unlocked as you progress through the game’s story:

“Alto Crystarium” used to develop characters.

“Chocobo Ranch” for raising Chocobos.

“Arena,” where characters can earn additional experience points.

“Kazusa’s Room” for weapon synthesis.

In Kazusa’s room you’ll be able to see more events after you clear “Reconquista Tactics.”

The Chocobo Ranch introduces different kinds of Chocobos. Male Chocobos excel at attack, while female Chocobos are good at defense. During the RTS segments Chobobos can kill or be killed. Some Chocobos have 1.5 or 2 times the movement speed of others. Chocobos with a special innate ability towards battle are called “Attack Chocobos.”

Starting from chapter two there are two kinds of vegetables you can give to Chocobos when breeding.

Ghysahl Greens make the newborn Chocobo different from the parents, while Mimmett Greens further enhance the parents’ abilities in the newborn Chocobo.

“Magic Channel” in order to receive S.O.’s one must enable this option.


After getting an event you can’t get it again.

After getting events and roaming around during your free time consumes time, which implies you might not be able to do all events.

Missions and Multiplayer

When absorbing Phantoma, a shockwave may appear. This shockwave can kill or damage enemies.

If you fail a S.O. it appears to be possible to avoid the death penalty it brings by dodging the magic circle that appears on the ground.

SP points obtained during multiplayer sessions can be spent on items and equipment.


If you’re defeated on the World Map you’ll be transported back in to town.

From the main menu you can choose to return to the Peristylium, but this appears to consume free time.

In certain parts you’ll be faced with a series of battles, generally four, where enemies will constantly be reinforced, with each reinforcement being of a higher level.

In preemptive strikes, MP consumption is lowered to 0 and party members gain the Aura buff. Surprise attacks on the other hand give you debuffs like Stop.

Source: Nova Crystallis

Dengeki’s Fabula Nova Crystallis blowout is still underway with an interview featuring Tabata, Kitase, and Nomura talking about Final Fantasy Type-0 now development is finished. The big reveal comes from Nomura that they’re already discussing the potential for a sequel.

Kitase and Tabata are apparently engaging in secret discussions about the potential for a Type-0 sequel or other possible developments. It sounds like it’s in early days, unsurprising since the first game isn’t out until tomorrow, but they’re keeping their cards close to their chest and aren’t able to go into any specifics. It looks like the Fabula Nova Crystallis compilation is set to get even bigger.

Source: Andriasang

Final Fantasy Type-0 on Dengeki Cover
Date: October 25th, 2011 Author: Emily
News Category: Final Fantasy Type-0
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This week’s Dengeki cover features Type-0 cast members Rem and Machina and, in my opinion, looks amazing.  Check it out below, and we’ll keep you posted on future details!

Following last week’s 39/40 Famitsu review, Dengeki PlayStation have published their score for Square Enix’s latest offering. On a 100-point scale, Type-0 received 90/90/95/90 from the magazine’s reviewers.

Besides the review, a regular feature was run which included details on the game’s disc-swapping. As you might recall, Type-0 is apparently so large and epic that it requires two UMDs. Big deal, right? You just play the first until you get to the second. It’s not quite so straightforward. Dengeki states that the first UMD contains the prologue and first chapter as well as the final dungeon and chapter. And… nothing else. The bulk of the game seems to be on the second UMD, which you will be swapping to very early on. The second UMD also contains the game’s multiplayer component.

The New Game + mode for Type-0 is more traditional than its disc progression. You finish the game and then start again with all your stats carried over. It was revealed earlier that additional playthroughs will change the game’s story. Dengeki slightly elaborates that the focus will be shifted onto different characters. Considering the game’s rather large cast, it seems appropriate.


During the latest Nico Nico Type-0 stream, Tabata revealed a few new details about the game. We know a few such as the size of the games PSN download, but even more have been translated and the best news is that Chocobo breeding is back.

Chocobo’s can be found in the wild throughout the world in Type-0. They can be captured, but once you get off, they run away. You can however breed them and ride their offspring without fear of them leaving you. Just like previous games, you can obtain different breeds of Chocobo.

Dungeons are also scattered around the world with your party being able to explore them when you want a break from the story. Dungeons contain great treasure if you’re able to navigate them successfully. Sometimes, your three party members have to split up to explore the dungeons.

All missions in the game can be replayed via the Tactics menu on the games title screen. Once you complete a mission, it appears in this menu where you can play it again in multiplayer, and even play it at a harder difficulty than in the main game.

Source: Siliconera

With Final Fantasy Type-0′s release just days away, Square are quickly trying to push their latest epic through online and TV appearances. This time, Tabata appears on a TV show with one of the most over the top presenter you will ever see. Three of them (all of them presenting in Class Zero uniforms by the way) take place in a multiplayer mission playing as King, Rem, and Cater. See it all in the 9 minute video below.

Hajime Tabata has taken part in another Nico Nico live stream, showing off even more Final Fantasy Type-0 gameplay. This 14 minute video shows the world map and the multiplayer element with gameplay following Eight, Deuce, Cinque, and Jack. Not much new information is revealed but Tabata does confirm the PSN download will be 2.4GB big.

Source: Nico Nico

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