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The new Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer has been revealed at the 1st Production Premier. It includes new footage of the now voiced Noctis as well as new action scenes and gameplay with the HUD included. It also shows the ability to play as other characters. See it below:

Update: Now officially released in High Definition.

An HD version of this trailer will be released on the 27th via the official website.

The new Final Fantasy Type-0 trailer from the 1st Production Premier has made it’s way online. The pretty long trailer includes all new footage, both CG and gameplay including a fully voiced cast. It’s certainly a very action oriented trailer as it’s almost totally filled with fighting as well as a tragic Chocobo death. We’ll post a better quality version once it becomes available. Watch it below.

Update: Now officially released in High Definition.

The full HD trailer will be officially released on the 27th. Here are some screenshots and the logo for now.

The debut Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer has been revealed at the 1st Production Premier event and shown live on Nico Nico. Although more of a teaser, it includes Lightning fully clad in a suit of armour and ends with her standing back to back with a new male character. We can safely assume he’s the man in the logo. The games 2011 release date was then shown at the end of the trailer.

Update: And here’s a better quality version than before:

Update 2: Trailer removed by Square Enix. Posting it in our own player. Full HD version should be available tomorrow.

Update 3: Now officially released in High Definition.

The trailer will be released officialy in HD on the 20th. We’ll pos it as soon as it becomes available. Here’s an HD screenshot to tide you over as well as the new games logo.

There’s been enough debate among fans whether some of the footage in yesterdays Final Fantasy Versus XIII TGS trailer is real-time or pre-rendered, to warrant Nomura weighing in to clarify what’s going on. The debate centres around whether the opening cinematic in the Versus section of the trailer is in-game or pre-rendered footage. On the 3rd Birthday Twitter, Nomura says that this scene with Noctis is indeed pre-rendered but the rest of the trailer is completely in-game. Nomura also says that the desert Noctis is running around would probably be best to travel around via a car unless the player chose not to do so.

The part of his Tweet I’m most interested in though is the last. He confirms that the Behemoth fight at the end of the trailer has been slowed down. Nomura says this is because Noctis is so fast that the viewer wouldn’t be able to see him clearly. It’s a big sigh of relief but it does make me question why they even chose to do this in the first place. I’m sure most of us would have preferred to see him fight at normal speed.

Source: 3rd_birthday Twitter

Although it may have taken longer than expected, the joint Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII trailers have been officially released online. Unlike the previous Square Enix trailers released over the past couple of weeks though, you unfortunately need to have a login to the Japanese Square Enix Members site. Of course that hasn’t stopped people from ripping it. Here’s the trailer for all to see. An HD version will probably be released soon.

Update: The Youtube link has been taken down. We’ve now uploaded it to our own player.

Source: Lightning13

It’s been a long time since we’ve actually seen an officially released trailer for either Final Fantasy Versus XIII or Final Fantasy Agito XIII, but apparently we won’t have to wait much longer. In a surprising turn of events—for Square Enix anyway—it has been announced by Nomura himself that all trailers, both public and private will be released over the coming days.

Nomura tweeted via the 3rd_birthday Twitter account that each title’s trailer will be posted on their respective official sites soon starting with todays reveal of the Dissidia 012 [duodecim] trailer. He says the reason for this staggered release of trailers is because of the time it takes to create each site and asks for everyone to be patient. This announcement does put into question Square’s efforts to remove all traces of the leaked Versus and Agito trailers from the internet. It’s possible that this decision to release them officially was made in light of how impossible it really is to expect no one to attempt to leak them. Let’s look forward to our upcoming (hopefully) HD Fabula Nova Crystallis fix.

Thanks to our forum member john tora volta.

Source: 3rd_birthday Twitter

It looks like we won’t have to wait for our Versus and Agito fix for quite as long as we though. Both the Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII trailers have been leaked and posted online. They’ve been recorded on a camera obviously so the quality is pretty bad but at least they didn’t get caught recording them. Here you go:

Although the combined Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII trailer has been spared the fate of appearing in Square’s infamous Closed Mega Theatre, it’s humiliatingly been stuck only appearing on screens inside the Square Enix booth where people queue to play other games. Even so, Gamespot has taken the time to post some impressions of the trailer. Read them below.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

The Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer was part of a series of incredibly brief trailers that showed images from Final Fantasy XIII as well as Final Fantasy Agito XIII. We saw the main character, a young man with short black hair wander through several completely deserted areas. First it was a barren landscape, then it switched to a deteriorated roadway, and eventually we see him in the city, where it was just him fighting a giant behemoth. The quick fight scene showed him jumping and slashing furiously at the beast. Any hint of color or life in the trailer was limited to the spurts of red blood, coming from the behemoth, which stood out against the mostly dark and grey environment. There was nothing else on screen that would give us any clues as to how this game is set up other than it looks to be a 3D action game.“lockquote>

Final Fantasy Agito XIII

It does appear that the cast in the game are a bunch of students, as we saw a young girl school girl in a noticeably short skirt wielding a giant hammer. The gameplay appears to be action oriented, with a targeting system similar to Crisis Core. Even if we could understand Japanese, the trailer was over so fast that all we could make out was that there will be some giant mechanical foes as well as chocobos to ride on.

At the end of the series of painfully short trailers, which included images for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Square Enix revealed that a Fabula Nova Crystallis conference will be held January 11, 2011, so we can assume all the information is being saved until then.“lockquote>

Gamespot: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer Impressions

Gamespot: Final Fantasy Agito XIII Trailer Impressions

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