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Tetsuya Nomura to Attend E3
Date: June 10th, 2013 Author: Death Penalty
News Category: Square Enix
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And he’s teasing us yet again. The second episode of Square Enix’s mdRadio aired early for reasons unknown, arriving this morning with Nomura once again talking about his projects. He confirmed that he’ll be making his way over to the states for E3 this year, something he hasn’t done for quite a while.

He went on to speak about the desire for a The World Ends With You sequel- yes please, Nomura- but the part that you all are probably most interested in is that he stated there was “certain information to be announced at E3″. That might not be so interesting if he didn’t also hint that, while he can’t talk about this information right now, he thinks “everyone knows what it will be anyway”.

There has been nothing but hint after hint in the last month or so, and this seems to make things very clear. Keep your eyes peeled at E3, because it sounds like Nomura may have just confirmed Versus XIII’s presence.

Want to discuss? Head on down to the forums!

source: Nova Crystallis

Nomura to Speak Again During Square-Enix Merchandise Radio
Date: May 29th, 2013 Author: Death Penalty
News Category: Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Square-Enix’s merchandise broadcast show, mdRadio, is due for its second episode at the end of May- so in other words, very soon. Last month, Tetsuya Nomura surprised us all by appearing and speaking on the show about Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Unsurprisingly, we were asked yet again to wait. Less expected was Nomura’s apology to fans for the long wait and his promise that Versus XIII’s next appearance had been scheduled.

It appears that the man himself will be speaking yet again when this promised second episode hits. What we can expect from him is anyone’s guess, particularly given how much big news hits around this time every year. One thing’s nearly certain though: We will probably be asked to wait.

Stay tuned on this space for developments.

source: ff-reunion

Scans are beginning to surface on the internet of the latest issue Famitsu, which has more of their interview with Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s director, Tetsuya Nomura. In the page we have, Nomura speaks of announcements being made at this year’s E3, but more significantly, mentions that they’re looking at releasing Versus in three separate parts as a way of bringing forward the release date.

Nomura explains that Square-Enix are aware of the frustration of fans with regards to the length of Versus’ development time. He also says that, after experimenting with DLC in Final Fantasy XIII-2, SE are keen to make regular use of downloadable content and are looking at releasing the last two thirds of Versus as download-only. He does not mention how much these will cost.

If we’re being told this much now, E3 is definitely going to be a big event for Versus fans. Thanks to forum member BlankChocobo for the translation!

totally legit guys, I swear

This week’s Famitsu has some interesting comments from Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura regarding the game’s progress.

According to him, he has some news on the project and is almost ready to reveal a lot of info for us (finally) – but some some “totally unrelated” reasons, he can’t. He’s also not allowed to talk about the situation stopping him, and all he can do is “continue discussions” – with who, it isn’t said.

Is he being pushed for Multi-Plat maybe? Or do Square want Versus on the down-low to stay out of the spotlight for another game? Maybe it’s being cancelled after all these many years. Who knows? Hopefully, we’ll know very soon. Until then, we’ll have to keep waiting for our next Versus XIII update.

You can discuss the lack of news in our forums here.

In a recent interview with Famtisu Magazine, Nomura has spoken about Final Fantasy Versus XIII while basically saying nothing. He also confirmed that the development of Square-Enix’s remake of the excellent Final Fantasy X in HD is underway.

The graphics have evolved beyond the fairly impressive trailer shown last year and have improved considerably. A few scenes which do not require much ‘player control’ have been remade in CG to wow audiences with Square’s famous prerendered CG prowess, including the scene where Noctis meets Stella for the first time. Square decided to drop the amount of CG in the latest iteration of the series, Final Fantasy XIII-2, so it’s nice to hear the tradition will continue with Versus.

Said trailer was not previously running on Playstation 3 hardware, however the next time we get a glimpse of Versus it will be running on an actual PS3, giving a better idea of how the game will actually look.

Finally, the event known as the Square Enix 1st Production Department Premier which was held last year will not take place again, which isn’t much of a surprise considering Versus is the only Fabula Nova Crystallis game at the moment.

While we’re all hoping for a full blown public display and perhaps even a release date for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, we can only sit and wait as these announcements have no specific event or date attached. Let’s hope when they actually do show something it will live up to our increasingly heightening expectations.

Ready for your yearly dose of Versus news? Tetsuya Nomura pops up in an interview in the recently released Final Fantasy Type-0 Ultimania. In it, he says that the design for Moogles in Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be close to what we’ve seen in Type-0. There you have it. Announcement of Moogles in Versus. Not exactly world stopping. He doesn’t go into any more detail of how the adorable creatures fit into the much darker world. Maybe they’ll all be dying.

Source: Andriasang

As well as the FFXIII-2 details, Famitsu has also interviewed Tetsuya Nomura in their latest issue. He mostly discussed Kingdom Hearts 3D but he did give a few development details on Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Nomura told Famitsu how he performed a walkthrough of the entire world map recently, checking out the towns and dungeons on the way. He said he was amazed at how wide and impressive everything was. A slightly subjective opinion which isn’t much use to us but he does confirm the use of a new lighting engine. Previously, he stated that the games lighting was being improved and that he was aiming for Versus to be photo realistic. Today he confirmed that an entirely new engine was being used just for it.

The Luminous Engine which was announced back in August is Square Enix’s next generation tool kit and parts of it are being implemented into Versus. The engine does have a small tech demo showing what it can really do (not constrained by specific hardware however). Below is a photo and a screenshot from the tech demo. The left is the photo and the right is the render from the engine. A slightly unfair comparison but it still looks impressive. The 15 second walkthrough video of the scene is available here but only works on some browsers (IE). Youtube however, doesn’t do it justice.

Nomura also says another engine (seperate to Crystal tools) is being utilized for action. The fact that the games engines are still a major talking factor does douse any expectations of an upcoming release. With in-engine trailers already released though, there may have been a lot of work done to what we’ve already seen.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Skipping TGS
Date: August 9th, 2011 Author: Agent Dunham
News Category: Final Fantasy Versus XIII
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Tokyo Game Show. One of the world’s major gaming events and Japan’s biggest. Every September, gamers and their representative media swarm to get a dose of upcoming gaming awesome. Unfortunately for some, Final Fantasy Versus XIII won’t be a part of the sweet gaming formula pumped directly into the veins of the gaming world this year.

Speaking to Dengeki and doing them a little art favour as part of their 500th issue, Tetsuya Nomura said that Versus wouldn’t be appearing, but the next showing of the game has been set. When? He didn’t say, but they know and they will hopefully stick to it.

May this year marked five years since the game’s announcement.


As promised last week, Tetsuya Nomura has released new details on Final Fantasy Versus XIII in the form of a short interview with Famitsu in their latest issue. Unfortunately, a lot of the new information given is difficult to understand without actually seeing what Nomura is talking about or the screenshots he showed the editors but that didn’t stop him.

Cutscenes were a major topic in the interview. Final Fantasy has always had cutscenes in 3 flavours. CG, pre-rendered and real-time. Historically, they’ve never been controllable but Nomura wants to end that. He says that all real-time cutscenes in Versus will be controllable  in order to keep the game from stopping. How it’s been implemented it is unclear but we can assume it could possibly involve NPCs talking while the character you’re controlling is still able to explore. If that’s the case, it doesn’t sound incredibly revolutionary but we’ll have to wait and see.

Nomura goes into more depth about cutscenes, this time concerning facial expressions which he claims will be much more natural, unlike the “game-like” expressions of past games. Although what he means is unclear, he also mentions a new system in that area which he thinks hasn’t been done before. We’ll have to wait to see what he means.

Three screenshots were shown to the editors, all in real-time, and all apparently stunning. They include shots of an Italian like city, an afternoon shot of a highway, and the same but at night. Nomura says the real-time looks so good because the low quality and high quality models are almost identical, apart from the hair which is slightly better looking on the pre-rendered models. Takeshi Nozue is responsible for the near pre-rendered look of the real-time shots thanks to his knowledge on lighting and other pre-rendered tricks. While the editors noted that the screenshots looked like photos, Nomura also said that you can take photos in-game with Noctis’ cellphone. The screenshots won’t be available to the public yet but when they are, he says they’ll look even better thanks to an improvement in the lighting technology.

Concerning development itself, Nomura says that they’re preparing to enter full production. Voice acting is being slowly recorded now so hopefully our next trailer could be fully voiced.

Source: Andriasang

Nomura has apparently claimed that there will be a “little followup” to this weeks issue of Famitsu which will include new information on Final Fantasy Versus XIII and will all be featured in next weeks issue.

This weeks edition already contains over 70 pages of Square Enix content which is all, just about, making it’s way online. It isn’t clear why Versus will be featured in next weeks issue but apparently, Nomura has also hinted at a new title being announced.

Source: FF-Reunion

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