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The World of Final Fantasy Type-0
Date: August 3rd, 2011 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Final Fantasy Type-0
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Square Enix has released new detailed descriptions of the countries that form the world of Final Fantasy Type-0. With them come new screenshots and artwork, as well as the flags for all four of the countries and a brief biography of each of their important figures. Take your time to take it all in.


This is the country which the Suzaku Peristerium is based and home to all of the main characters of the game. Rebrum is run by eight individuals who are also in charge of the school the students of Class 0 attend. The school admits students based on the Crystals decision. If they are magically gifted, they’re admitted to the school and split into classes.

Who’s in charge?

Khalia Chival VI is both the chancellor of the school and head of state. He was a great sorcerer when he was younger.


A militaristic empire with a missing emperor and the yearning to possess the crystals the other three countries control. The Byakko Crystal the nation holds is capable of creating weapons which any citizens can wield, unlike the limited power grated by the other nations crystals to only a few individuals. Because of this, the empire has a vast army containing tens of thousands of troops.

Who’s in charge?

Admiral Cid Aulstyne is the countries de facto leader and also the head of the Byakko Peristerium, a research organisation studying the energy released from the crystal to use for the military.

Lolica Commonwealth

The Lolica Commonwealth, a mountainous country, contains the Genbu Peristerium which holds the Genbu Crystal. The crystal strengthens the people of the nation, making their bodies larger than those of other nationalities. Most of the population server as Knights to protect the country.

Who’s important?

Gilgamesh is a well know l’Cie from the Genbu Crystal who has forgotten his focus. He fights opponents, trying to target their weapons.

Concordia Kingdom

Concordia is home to the Souryu Crystal, which gives the people of the country the ability to talk to monsters and dragons. This ability is used in day-to-day life as well as in combat to give them an edge. The people of the country are quite small so rely on speed and spears in combat.

Who’s in charge?

Queen Andoria is the leader of Concordia with the government mainly comprising of women. The queen is the actual physical representation of the Souryu Crystal and is therefore the only person able to communicate with the Queen Dragon.

Source: Andriasang

Flood of Final Fantasy Type-0 Screenshots
Date: July 28th, 2011 Author: Agent Dunham
News Category: Final Fantasy Type-0
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Square Enix have dumped a proverbial buttload of screenshots for Final Fantasy Type-0. The set pretty much runs the gamut from characters to gameplay and event scenes. These are all follow-ups to the recent articles detailing new characters like Seven and friends, the character growth system Alto Crystarium and other fun things. No, I’m not referring to Shiva, you sicko.


11 New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots
Date: July 14th, 2011 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Final Fantasy XIII-2
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Square Enix has released eleven more new screenshots featuring several never before seen areas. One of the screenshots feature a town setting with NPCs available to talk to. Another one shows the same area but while it’s raining showing off the games weather system. See them and several new gameplay screenshots below.

Square Enix has released 5 new screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII-2 today, all in High Definition. Two feature English dialog, one confirming that we will of course be re-visiting Cocoon despite it’s semi-destruction (if you hadn’t already guessed). Another screenshot shows the great hand Noel and Serah fight during the E3 2011 footage seemingly bound before what we can assume is it’s release. See all the screenshots below.

Square Enix has released two new screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII-2 which have been featured in magazine scans previously. They’ve also released the first official artwork for XIII-2 featuring Lightning and Serah in much higher quality. See it all below.

Famitsu’s latest issue contains their dissection of Final Fantasy XIII-2′s E3 info with several new screenshots. By now, we’ve heard almost everything we can from FFXIII-2′s E3 appearance but there are a few new details other publications have missed, two of which were fairly self-evident.

Firstly, if it wasn’t obvious already, storytelling will be focused on Serah and Lightning rather than Serah and Snow this time around. Towns have already been revealed but it’s been confirmed that players will be able to revisit them. Alyssa, the new female character in the E3 trailer, has been criticized for her poor design. Many blamed Nomura but according to Famitsu, she was actually designed by Hideo Manaba.

The new scans can be seen below. Thankfully, Famitsu has posted the new screenshots on their website in higher resolution. See them below too.

Source: Famitsu and Gamenysu

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Location
Date: June 7th, 2011 Author: Agent Dunham
News Category: Final Fantasy XIII-2
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E3 is a wonderful time of year that’s like some sort of geeky Christmas. A new screenshot for Final Fantasy XIII-2 depicts a quaint looking town (that can be seen being explored with Noel in the E3 trailer). Get a big fat look with your big fat eyes at New Bodhum. Guess HD towns weren’t as hard as Square Enix said they were.

Thanks to forum member Falsate for finding the image.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is available in demo form for all to play at E3 today. The first photos of the demo have surfaced (thanks to APZonerunner) showing one pretty distinct change to the Final Fantasy formula.

The demo begins with the familiar gameplay style but with the new QTE’s featured in the trailer. The story is explained in a concise information screen to give the demo context. According to the demo, the giant arm featured in the trailer is attached to a much larger creature known as Atlas. The secret to beating him lies in the Bresha Ruins. A new feature called Mog clock is described in one of the photos which effects whether you begin an encounter with the advantage or disadvantage. The most startling deviation from the norm is the addition of the new “Live Trigger” system which allows you to chose dialog for the first time. This is certainly a much more Western approach to story progression.

For now we just have these photos but expect video sometime soon.

Source: APZonerunner’s Twitter

First Screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII-2
Date: June 2nd, 2011 Author: Agent Dunham
News Category: Final Fantasy XIII-2
Tags: , ,

Square Enix seems to have learnt a lesson about how to market their games, and it doesn’t involve keeping their mouths shut for 3 years. As part of their E3 diddy, Square Enix released two screenshots from Final Fantasy XIII-2. The screenshots show the current combat interface – which happens to depict Serah (because she was so fascinating the first time around) and a new male character Noel in battle – and a cutscene, featuring Noel talking to Serah. Jiving with what was said at the beginning of the year, the battle system appears to be largely similar to Final Fantasy XIII’s, with Paradigms and such.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is also the only Fabula Nova Crystallis title appearing at E3, according to the European Square Enix Members blog. Of course, Square Enix have a habit of lying about these sorts of things, so make of that what you will.

Thanks for forum member Kathe for finding the screenshots… wherever.

Square Enix’s E3 2011 page

New Type-0 Screenshots
Date: May 26th, 2011 Author: Falsate
News Category: Final Fantasy Type-0
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This week’s onslaught of Type-0 information is also being accompanied by new screenshots courtesy of Famitsu. Of the characters revealed this week, we’re given an in-game look at playable characters King, Sice, and Eight. As previously covered in our preceding article, one of Suzaku’s concocting magic leaders named Arecia Al-Rashia can be seen in the last image below.

Who is the figure in the fourth image? The legendary Gilgamesh who will appear in Type-0 as a l’Cie of Genbu (one of the four peristyliums in the world).

Source: Famitsu

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