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It’s only a few minutes into the 27th, and live streams of Final Fantasy Type-0 have already begun. It’s taken 5 years but Agito is finally here! In Japan anyway. Now comes the real test of whether it was worth the wait. Let’s hope to see strong sales figures so it can be brought overseas.

Naturally, that may take a while. So if you’re like many of us who are impatient, a Japanese player is playing the game on a live stream so we can feel a part of the action. You can’t get spoiled much more than this, so those of you with a strong constitution will have to try your best to resist. Click through the link below to see the stream.

Update: He’s done for the day. Here’s a link to another stream currently going on:

Twitch TV Leta_jp’s Final Fantasy Type-0 Disk 1 Live Stream

LiveTube | Final Fantasy Type-0 Live Stream

If you wish to discuss the spoilers or the live streams, come visit our Type-0 Spoiler Forum.

Thanks to forum member Ramenzilla for finding this.

The 2011 Tokyo Game Show is well underway in Japan and as such, news is pouring out from various sources.

First and foremost, the release date for Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been announced and not only for Japan. North America and Europe’s release dates have all been announced as well.

Japanese gamers will first get their hands on XIII-2 on December 15th while North American’s will get it a little more than a month later on January 31st. Europeans as usual will have to wait a little longer, but fear not, as it’s a measly 3 days, February 3rd.

Square has also gone ahead and announced a special hardware bundle featuring a Lightning adorned PS3.

Naturally they are calling this the “PlayStation 3 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Edition Ver.2.” given that a Lightning adorned PS3 was also released for the first game’s launch back in 2009. This bundle will retail for ¥37,960 and is a 320 GB unit.

Source: Andriasang

Final Fantasy Type-0 Delayed
Date: August 26th, 2011 Author: Agent Dunham
News Category: Final Fantasy Type-0
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Looks like Japan and importers are going to have to wait a bit longer than planned for Final Fantasy Type-0. The game’s original October 13 release date has been written off in favour of October 27. The single for the game’s theme song has also been pushed back to October 19 (originally October 5) and the soundtrack itself is now being released on October 26 (originally October 12).

The delay is due to Square Enix wishing to polish the game further. At the release of Type-0′s Natsubi demo, director Hajime Tabata specified ongoing tweaks for the game’s camera and Phantoma system.

Given the fact that the game was announced alongside Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII back at E3 2006, another two weeks is pretty much a drop in the ocean.


After Final Fantasy XIII-2′s North American release date was announced for January last month, it put into question whether it would receive a simultaneous release with Europe as the last title did. A Square Enix investors report released today, says that they’re aiming for an Early 2012 release for FFXIII-2 in Europe. The fact that they aren’t confident enough to assign a month to the release date makes it seem unlikely that we’ll be receiving a simultaneous release this time around.

Missing from the investors report were any mentions of Final Fantasy Versus XIII or Type-0 outside of Japan. It’s unsurprising that Versus won’t be seeing a pre-April 2012 release, but the fact Type-0′s international version is still yet to be announced so close to it’s Japanese release, might mean we’re in for quite a wait.

Source: Eurogamer

After delaying the game from summer to autumn a couple of weeks back, Square Enix now has a firm release date for Final Fantasy Type-0 for the first time. The game will be coming out in Japan on October 13th, priced at ¥7,700. The higher price (the equivalent of $97) is most likely due in part to the higher production costs caused by the game being shipped on 2 UMDs.

Tabata also came out with a statement announcing that the theme song for Type-0 will be sung by Japanese rock group Bump of Chicken who previously performed the theme song for Tales of the Abyss. Tabata says that a theme song is an essential component in the game that’s required. The demo for the song titled Zero apparently moved him greatly.

Source: Inside-Games

Square Enix has today confirmed Final Fantasy XIII-2′s North American release date. Emily Shoji, Assistant PR Manager at Square Enix’s US offices, has revealed the games release date for NA via her official Twitter account, confirming it to be coming January of next year.

No details of a European release have been confirmed but if they treat it like it’s predecessor, a simultaneous release is likely.

Source: SquareEnixEmily @ Twitter

With the latest issue of Famitsu comes a ton of new information on Final Fantasy Type-0 in the way of an interview with Hajime Tabata and Tetsuya Nomura. There are many small details which I will summarise below.

• The game is approximately 30 to 40 hours long with up to 100 hours of play time to complete the game fully.

• Type-0 is 80% complete but has been delayed from summer until “the season of red leaves”.

• Development issues with the multiplayer side of the game have caused the delay, mainly because of the Playstation Network outage which only returned to 100% this week in Japan.

• There will be a music tie-in like many Square Enix games.

• A downloadable version is being looked into, as well as an overseas version.

• The player will be able to turn multiplayer on or off in the games settings. You never need to use the multiplayer. If set to on however, players will be able to come into a hosts game to aid you by searching through a list of available hosts.

• The multiplayer component doesn’t last long. Reaching a save point kicks the other player out of your game. There is also a time limit in case a save point isn’t reached but this can be extended by helping the host player.

• The game will be connected to Square Enix Members allowing you to share stats with other members. This data will also be displayed during loading screens.

• Triangle is your character’s standard attack, X is for defensive magic and Square and Circle can be assigned to attacks and magic. The left shoulder button plus a directional button will swap the character you’re controlling.

• The game will also have some “fighting-game” type mechanics such as move cancelling.

• Weapons will change stats during different weather conditions e.g. lower firing range during windy or rainy conditions. Summons will also react to weather such as Shiva who will be stronger in snowy conditions.

• The game has 14 main characters but at one point it had 40.

• Characters from outside Class Zero will also team up with you during missions and will wear different coloured cloaks.

Source: Andriasang

Each of the Final Fantasy XIII-2 official sites have been updated soon after the E3 trailer release include a small amount of new content. Each of the sites contain a new render (which we’ve ripped) and a small description of the new character Noel Kreiss. He dual-wields swords with an expert technique and can combine them into one, forming a new weapon. No one knows much of his past or how he stumbled upon Serah during her time of distress.

The Japanese site also features new background music from the game as well as a new wallpaper and their rendition of the trailer. Although oddly still voiced in English (but subtitled) it shows a release date of December 2011. A simultaneous worldwide release seems to be out of the question.

Official Japanese Final Fantasy XIII-2 Site
Official NA Final Fantasy XIII-2 Site
Official European Final Fantasy XIII-2 Site

While Square Enix released a mini teaser trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2 last week, now E3 is in full swing, they’ve finally released the full version for us to pore over. The trailer includes new gameplay from Serah and Noel as well as Lightning wielding her summon Odin. Several of the games mechanics have been altered and added to including the addition of Quick time events. Despite her earlier appearance in the trailer, when Team NORA rescues Serah near the end of the trailer, Lebreau assumes Lightning is dead.

The trailer also reveals a newly revised “Winter 2012″ release. Watch the full English trailer below.

The debut trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been officially released in HD and surprisingly, there’s a fully voice English version of it as well. The English version ends with “Coming Next Winter” so the potential for an early 2012 release seems likely. With the release of the trailer comes the launch of the North American official game site and if you hadn’t already noticed, the launch of the European site at a familiar domain. Watch the trailer and see the sites below.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Official North American Site
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Official European Site

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