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Dengeki Playstation had an interview with Final Fantasy XIII-2 director Motomu Toriyama and battle director Yusuke Matsui. The directors mainly discussed the game’s battle system and the improvements and additions that were implemented on it.

Transition between switching paradigms are faster than before, as the key point in the battles of XIII-2 is speed. The game will have harder enemies and bosses, so this is definitely a relevant factor as you will be switching paradigms a lot of times in order to win. A major improvement concerning the paradigm system would be the player’s ability to save the combinations they have made, which was what XIII didn’t have.

Toriyama has stated that the bosses in XIII-2 will be tougher than XIII’s, so an easy mode was added. Some bosses are optional, so if you’re having a hard time beating one even at easy mode, you could just skip it and move on to another scenario. The developing team has also made a special program to balance battles in different areas which analyzes the player’s logs and skills on how they defeated an enemy. Additionally, a new feature called the Blood Damage will be introduced in order to make the battles more challenging than what XIII had, where the healer(s) of the party would just do their job until the party wins. Blood damage cannot be healed by a healer, although there will be items that can recover it.

Interestingly, the game will have summon creatures (yes, summon creatures which are apparently different from the monsters we’ll be recruiting in our party). However, they’ll be in different forms than the ones in XIII as the main characters are not l’Cie.

Another major improvement in the battle system is the battle formation. As opposed in XIII where the characters would only do little movements in battles, in XIII-2 their formations will depend on the roles they’re currently in, i.e. the defender would move forward and guard.

The monster collection system, which is the biggest addition to the battle system, will be varied in different ways. Monsters of their own kind will have differences in time of developing their statuses, and monsters of the same role will have different abilities. It is also possible to grow them into powerful beasts, as a monster can inherit the abilities from others. Equipping accessories on these monsters will also change their appearances. Moreover, Toriyama also said that he is in the process of making the ultimate monster and this is his first time using a strategy guide while test playing a game.

Lastly, it has been revealed before that when the current party leader dies in battle, you are able to switch to the other party member. Since the monsters are being controlled by Serah and Noel technically, the battle is over once the 2 human party members are killed.

Thanks to forum member Ffamran mied Bunansa for the heads-up!

Source: Andriasang

Hajime Tabata has blessed Nico Nico users with a live stream of some new Final Fantasy Type-0 gameplay. The gameplay includes regular battles plus traversing the world with a Chocobo, the the RTS style Battle for Supremacy, and Airship battles. The quality may not be great but Tabata is quizzed about certain elements of the game during the stream which more than makes up for it. GameFAQ members Flower Girl and Kouli have translated the interview.

Is it hard because it’s action oriented?
Compulsory gamplay up to the ending is of low difficulty. Please don’t panic.
It does not entirely come off as an action game since there are RPG commands you have to use to clear the game. Characters still depend on level as in RPGs for battles.

Is it alright to play this if I never played FF before?
You can play this without any problems even if you have never played FF before.
This shares the same mythology as FF13 though so players who played FF13 might feel familiar.

How much is the approximate gameplay volume.
It’s run through would be around 40 hours but it is impossible to clear everything in a single run through. (i’m not sure about this part but it goes) There’s an additional fight in the 2nd play through which completes the game but that does not mean players cannot enjoy the world after everything is done.

Will there be DLC?
[None they will charge for anyway. However he does reveal that there will be free DLC available if you link the game to your Square Enix Members account]

See part of the stream uploaded to Youtube below.

Thanks to forum member Iron Maw for finding this.

Hajime Tabata has been interview by Square-Enix’s own Gangan Comic Magazine, in which he gives a few brief new details on Final Fantasy Type-0. The interview reveals that they’re still keeping their cards close to their chest, even though there’s only two weeks until the games release.

The first thing Tabata announces is that the game should take approximately 40 hours to complete during our first run. A fairly respectable length, especially for a portable title considering FFXIII was 50 hours in length. Interestingly, Tabata also says we’ll be able to experience a different story surrounding Class 0 during our second play through. He doesn’t go into any detail about what we can expect.

Other than this, Tabata also says we can expect a thirteenth main character to go with the twelve announced so far. It looks like we might have to wait until the games release to see who it could be.

Source: Andriasang

Toriyama and Kitase have been interviewed by Dengeki Playstation, in which they reveal a few new details about DLC and how Monsters play out in your party in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

So far, a fair amount of DLC has been announced. Kitase tells Dengeki that we can expect a lot more with downloads coming out about twice a month after the games released. He does however say that it won’t be as simple as just downloading an item or costume. To unlock them, you have to clear certain requirements within the game, such as defeating a particular monster. Right now, they’re making the necessary adjustments to the game to make it so the downloadable costumes will be visible in cutscenes.

Dengeki has gives a detailed explanation of the games Summon Raid and Syncro Drive Gauge systems used by Monster party members.

Summon Raid

Some Monsters turn into crystal during battles. The amount that do is dependent on the Monster. You can set up three monsters for use with Summon Raid, each with different roles in combat. When the player switches Paradigm, the monster with the role best suited for it will be swapped in.

Syncro Drive Gauge

When a Monster is fighting with your party, it builds up the Syncro Gauge. When the Gauge is full, the Monster has the chance to perform a special move. It may involve the player performing quick-times.

Source: Andriasang

Square Enix has released the first issue of it’s brand new online magazine today. Aptly titled Square Enix Magazine, it contains a new Final Fantasy XIII-2 interview with Toriyama and Kitase. Although much of it is a repeat of information we already know, there are a few new key points. To read the entire issue, visit the link at the bottom. Maybe persuade them to put us in the fansite section of the next issue too <3.

It's been confirmed that as Lightning and Serah are related, so are Noel and the mysterious purple haired man in Lightning's world. No new details are given on the purple haired man unfortunately.

Noel who has been brought up on Pulse belongs to a clan which he has to help support. He's fairly ignorant of the people Cocoon, having lived apart from them for so long.

The Official Square Enix Magazine Issue 1

As well as the Dengeki feature posted earlier, comes a new Final Fantasy Type-0 interview with Director Hajime Tabata and Art Director Yusuke Naora. The interview explains a few details on the development of the game, as well as the story and world featured within it. It has thankfully been transcribed by Sokuho@Hokanko and translated by Andriasang.

On Type 0′s Development

Type-0 was announced in 2006. At the time, only Tabata, Naora and Tetsuya Nomura were on the staff. Work was being done on Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, so it was only in 2008 that actual development began. Even then, the development team had to work on The 3rd Birthday, so Type-0′s development was kept at a minimum level for about a year.

Naora said that this is the longest he’s ever worked on a single game. At the time of the game’s announcement, they had nothing but a single main visual ready.

On Price
Tabata admitted that the price is a bit on the high side, but he said the quality and volume would match the price.

On Naora’s Involvement
Naora is overseeing the main visual and the designs of each of the game’s countries. Co Art Director Yusaku Nakaai is working on characters and monsters.

On Multiplayer Play
Here’s a bit about how the game’s multiplayer component will work. As previously detailed, Type-0 isn’t played multiplayer for extended periods. Instead, other players come into your game to assist briefly during battle[...]

Read the rest of the interview at Andriasang

Source: Sokuho@Hokanko

Interviews with Toriyama and Kitase have popped up online with plenty of new details on FFXIII-2 contained within them. Recognition of the negative reaction from gamers to the original title is a key factor in development of the game with the team at Square Enix dedicated to making it more “Player driven”. Here are all the new details divulged by the duo today. There are a lot.

Although FFXIII sold over 6 million units worldwide, the team realised the launch was fairly lackluster with a mixed reaction from gamers and reviewers.

Linearity was the main cause of concern. They decided that for the sequel, all the positive parts of the game would be included or improved upon and the parts which were criticized would absolutely have to be tackled. They knew things had to be changed from the original formula.

Linearity is addressed in multiple ways. The new dialog tree implemented allows player to converse with NPCs with multiple outcomes and they’ll be reducing the amount of cutscenes used to break up the narrative focusing on more interactive storytelling. Standing still at certain locations can trigger dynamic cutscenes but they won’t be stopping you if you want to proceed. They want players to explore and trigger cutscenes by themselves rather than force them upon people. The Live Trigger system gives you multiple ways to tackle your current objective. These can include performing tasks which could for example make an upcoming boss battle easier or even avoid it completely. Branching paths remove the linear corridors you were forced to follow in the original and side quests will finally return including plenty of dungeons to explore. The key theme being introduced into this title is choice and freedom, and that these choices will impact the story. With this comes the startling announcement that FFXIII-2 will contain multiple endings. How many endings are possible hasn’t been revealed yet but it’s still a great departure from what we’ve seen before, even if it has been done countless times in other titles.

Several new gameplay features were revealed yesterday including QTE’s, Mog Clock and the ability to jump and although the battle system remains largely unchanged, there are a few more tweaks. Serah won’t be able to summon Eidolons as she isn’t a l’cie anymore but she can instead call monsters to her aid as a third party member. They refused to go into further detail but it’s apparently much deeper in application than described so far. Another complaint addressed was the lack of plenty of mini-games usually found in Final Fantasy titles. Apparently they will be featured in XIII-2 but no details have been revealed. A re-designed game map will also be included. No details on the leveling system have been given yet. Toriyama also said that they plan to allow you to play the game multiple times but when asked whether this meant a “New Game +” type system with characters experience and items carried over, he said they preferred to offer an alternative system to that.

Talking about development, Kitase stated that they wanted to add much more

content to the game that would be worthy of it’s predecessor. He was disappointed by the decision to not release DLC for FFXIII but Toriyama says they can’t confirm how many DLC packs could be made available. Kitase also made sure to add that development of XIII-2 hadn’t impacted on the development of Final Fantasy Versus XIII in any way. Finally, when Kitase was asked whether the game could appear on Nintendo’s new Wii U console, he said that they’re looking into the format but currently XIII-2 will be limited to PS3 and Xbox 360.

Famitsu has released Part 2 of their interview from the 1st Production Premier. This part focuses on the newly named Final Fantasy Type-0. As no translations of the entire interview are available, I’ve given a go at summarising and making sense of the major points revealed myself. Read the details below.

The title has been rebooted which is part of the reason the name has been changed to Type-0. It’s also to make it independent from the rest of the XIII games. Type-0 was chosen to signify the beginning of what they consider to be a new series. Although they can’t confirm Type-0 may receive its own sequels, they want to raise the importance of the title. The new logo’s hand written kanji is actually written by the same person who wrote the kanji for the Shinra logo in FFVII. The word “Agito” still has relevance though as it is used in the games world to define a “messiah” or “saviour”. The word “Finis” is also mentioned in the trailer which refers to “destruction” or “chaos”.

Machina and Rem who were revealed in the latest piece of artwork are the protagonists companions. They will be the most important characters in the story but the majority of the game will be played with the 12 “trainees” which you also take control of in the game. You’ll be limited to using three of these characters in battle at once. However, if one of those characters dies in battle, they will be automatically replaced with one of the remaining characters on standby.

Multiplayer allows another player to jump in and help someone during battle. The other player will only be allowed 3 minutes to intervene though and once that time is up, they’re kicked out of the battle. Depending on how well the player helps the host in those 3 minutes, will determine what kind of bonus they’ll receive.

The game will include an experience point system as well as enhanced abilities being learnt when levelling and accessories which can be equipped. There will also be a customisable magic system allowing the player to use it more strategically e.g. Using Fire for longer period causing low damage or for a shorter period with high damage. Stronger magic of the same type (Fire, Fira, Firaga) no longer exists but the basic magic becomes stronger with more use. Summons make an appearance again but they will have a time limit.

Concerning development, the game is approximately 60% complete and will span two UMDs to allow them to avoid cutting out any content. They plan to polish the title until the last minute before release this summer.

Source: Famitsu

Continuing the first part, Famitsu has posted their Final Fantasy XIII-2 interview from the 1st Production Premier. The interview with Kitase and Toriyama, answers the basics that many of us are unclear about with the sequel as well as more complex questions concerning story tie-ins with bonus material provided with the original. The interview has been translated and summarised (all be it, in great detail) by Andriasang and is available in it’s entirety below.


The Final Fantasy XIII-2 part of the interview is story focused, so those who haven’t finished FFXIII may want to avoid reading the summary. I ain’t spoiler taggin’ nothin’.

Famitsu first asked for a recap of how the project came to be. The main reason they decided to make a sequel, said Toriyama, is that there was demand throughout the world. In addition to this, Toriyama and the development staff wanted to portray the Lightning character further. The original FFXIII ended with a lingering question: is Lightning really happy? Final Fantasy XIII-2 will come to a clear conclusion.

The “Episode I” after story novella that was included as a bonus with the first print run of the Japanese Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII serves as the prologue of XIII-2. Famitsu pointed out that Episode I shows the various characters from FFXIII returning to their normal lives. Does this mean that Lightning will be on her own? Also, Famitsu asked, will the purpose of Lightning’s new journey be to find a method of helping Vanille and Fang?

Regarding the latter point, Toriyama noted that being helped by the sacrifice of the two characters left a wound in the hearts of everyone. The story will of course show not just Lightning, but the other allies who were hurt by that, Toriyama assured. Additionally, there will be a number of new characters.

Similar to the Dengeki interview, Famitsu’s interviewers asked if there would be any Final Fantasy X-2 style dancing and singing in XIII-2. XIII-2 will have have a serious direction, Kitase replied. Toriyama noted that considering Vanille and Fang are gone and the world is in a state where Cocoon had fallen, there’s no way for the new story to be totally peaceful. XIII-2 will have a darker and more mysterious side over XIII.

Famitsu asked if XIII-2 will possibly being set in the dark world that Lightning is wandering around in at the end of the Episode I novella. Toriyama responded that the principal setting will be different from that of XIII, but he assured that the FFXIII world will be in the game in some form.

As part of the story of the original, Lightning has lost her l’Cie abilities (summons, casting magic, etc.). In response to this observation from Famitsu, Toriyama joked that perhaps Lightning has become an even more incredible existence than a l’Cie. Famitsu countered that she certainly has become sexier. Toriyama responded that even though she’s probably more explosed (I must be missing something here because she doesn’t look more exposed to me!), similar to the original, they’re valuing her refined and noble qualities. He added that her clothing has a more fantasy feel to it this time, and the design of her weapons and other such items will match.

Commenting on the trailer, Famitsu noted that there’s a scene which shows Lightning standing in front of what looks like an alter. That’s actually not an altar but a seat, corrected Toriyama, and it has great significance.

Famitsu also pointed out that when Lighthing and the mysterious new guy shown in the trailer line up back to back, they look like angel and devil. “Which is the angel and which is the devil?” joked Toriyama. He added, Lightning has a new mission this time, and as she attempts to fulfill this mission, she’ll end up in a confrontation with the guy. He’s a powerful character who can fight on equivalent ground with Lightning, the hero who saved the world.

One final point: if you have Final Fantasy XIII save data, you may want to hold on to it. The team is investigating the possibility of giving something to players who have save data in place.

Source: Famitsu

Famitsu has begun posting their series of interview from the 1st Production Premier on their website beginning with Part 1 which divulges a little more information behind the Fabula Nova Crystallis compilation’s mythology. Thankfully, Andriasang has provided translations of the key points covered in the interview. This part and the ones to follow will be a direct copy from their articles unless otherwise stated.

Along with the interview comes the release of the new Fabula Nova Crystallis logo. On the left is the old logo and on the right is the new one. Try and guess the difference before reading on.


The Final Fantasy XIII-2 part of the Premier event began with the first ever formal description of the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology. This took the form of a five minute narrated animation clip.

Kitase said that the reason they decided to show this now is because they felt that by showing the overall image of the mythology, players would be able to understand it better. The Premier event would be a perfect chance to do this because Final Fantasy Type-0′s release was approaching and they wanted to give the Fabula series a restart.

The video was created by a team headed up by Yusuke Naora (who’s serving as art director on Type-0). The text of the narration was arranged from the mythology book that was created by Kazushige Nojima (who’s heading up the scenario on Versus XIII). Noejima’s book goes into greater detail, telling the feelings of the various gods, for instance.

Kitase joked that the mythology was written five years back and Noejima’s book has been sealed away since then. They had to take it out just for the Premier event.

You can see a translation of the mythology that’s read in the trailer clip at this blog.

The trailer did not show the gods in human form, Famitsu noted. The reason for this, explained Kitase, is that if you use a human form to depict the gods, their image becomes fixed, and the various Fabula series titles would be prevented from having their own interpretation. They decided to go with the forms used in the trailer after considering how to allow the mythology’s image to expand and not get tied down.

You can actually see a sort of humanish form for the mythology’s gods in the Fabula Nova Crystallis logo. The figure shown in the logo is one of the gods. Kitase wouldn’t say which god it is, though, suggesting that players consider it for themselves.

One thing you might not have noticed is that the logo has changed a bit. It no longer says “XIII.” The Fabula Nova Crystallis project was originally announced as Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII, but the XIII is no longer there, neither in the name nor the logo. The reason for the name change, said Kitase, is that Final Fantasy Agito XIII was changed to Final Fantasy Type-0 but is still a member of the Fabula project, so having a XIII in the project name would have been an issue.

Source: Famitsu

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