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Well, we’ve FINALLY got the confirmation. Transferring your Final Fantasy XIII Save File (he didn’t say, but i’d assume it has to be a completed one) will net you a bonus item in XIII-2. He says its not a big thing that will have too much of an effect on the game, but it will be convenient to have.

Along with this, he also shared details on a few aspects of XIII-2.

Firstly, the Fragment System. These can be thought of as Quests, and there’s over 100 of them in the game. Completing them will net you rewards, skill boosts, and various other things. These are however, completely optional, so if you’re not a completionist you won’t have to worry.

Secondly, the loading time on Xbox 360. I don’t know if anyone else knows about this, but when I personally played a Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo, I started at the same time as a guy playing the PS3 version and by the time I was done loading, he was a fair way into the game. Kitase notes that this problem has been fixed, and the game’s loading is extremely quick. The only real times you have to wait is when switching time zones through the Historia Crux.

On the topic of Historia Crux, Kitase confirmed that the only time periods available are AFTER the events of Final Fantasy XIII. The reason for this is, at the end of FFXIII there was a “catastrophe” of some sort, and that ruined the flow of time. He noted that ‘Time Paradoxes’ will be an important part of XIII-2′s story. He also noted that Time Travelling will affect the world itself, using the good old method – if you do something in the past, it can change the future. Doing this, you will slowly piece together the mysteries of the story. Hopefully you’ll be free to experiment a bit.

As has been mentioned before, using Historia Crux you can replay parts of the game. Kitase compared this to be a sort of ‘New Game Plus’ of sorts, however you can replay pieces without clearing the game first.

Lastly, Kitase talked about the importance of Hope Esthiem in XIII-2. While he reiterated that Serah and Noel are the main characters, Hope plays a big part in the game, even more so than the other returning cast members. His role in the game connects to the theme of “prayer for regeneration/rebirth.”


Translations by Andriasang
And forum member Musou made a thread while I was writing this, so thanks!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Books Announced
Date: October 28th, 2011 Author: Emily
News Category: Final Fantasy XIII-2
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Much like with Final Fantasy XIII and its “Episode Zero -Promise-” and “-Episode i-” novella counterparts, Square Enix has announced two new books for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

The first will be a post card book, and will contain CG illustrations of the main characters of the game, such as Serah, Noel, Snow, and Lightning, and an eight page character introduction. It will also come with a collection of 24 post cards.

The second and more important book that will be released will be titled “Final Fantasy XIII-2: Fragments Before”, and will focus on the events that took place before those in the game itself. It will also be written by Jun Eishima, the author of the Final Fantasy XIII novellas. This novel will again focus on the different stories of the main characters and will, interestingly enough, also include Rygdea and Bartholomew Estheim from Final Fantasy XIII. Below is a list of the different chapters for each character, as stated in the Nova Crystallis blog post:

Serah: Memories of the year AF0.
New Bodhum: A story of the year AF3.
Snow: The story of his departure.
Rygdea & Bartholomew: The creation of a provisional government, and the secret history of the founding of the Academy.
Noel: The end of the world, a period of uncertainty.

Both books will be available on December 31st, the day Final Fantasy XIII-2 is released in Japan.

Thanks to forum member Henry for finding this information!

Source: Nova Crystallis

Square Enix has released new screenshots and a high quality render of Hope today. Some of the screenshots were featured in the recent Dengeki article. They are contained with more detailed views on Academia, the giant casino Xanadu, the temporal rift in its different modes, and a few battle screenshots. Fortunately, they are all in English. Check them out below!

Source: RPG Site

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Dengeki Article Preview
Date: October 26th, 2011 Author: Chat Noir
News Category: Final Fantasy XIII-2
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A preview of the latest Final Fantasy XIII-2 Dengeki article has surfaced. A better look on Hope’s new appearance can be seen along with a few new screenshots of a city at night time that has been featured in the trailers.

Source: Facebook

Famitsu’s latest issue has a Final Fantasy XIII-2 feature where they reveal a few new details to tide us over. Here’s a summary of all the new information they reveal.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be appearing one disc on Xbox 360. This is in stark contrast to the original which was released on three. Toriyama claims that this is all due to the increased use of real time cutscenes but it’s quite likely the game itself being shorter, also played a large part.

Hope is aged 24 in the TGS trailer making him 10 years older than he appears in FFXIII. XIII-2 takes place 3 years after the original if you’re trying to keep up with the time travelling. He’s now the head of a scientific investigation group of some sort.

Caius (Kaias) has an evil influence over both Valhalla and the regular world which may explain why the black smoke emanating from Lightning in the trailer is called Chaos. Yeul (Yuru) is the silver haired girl travelling with Caius.

The game will never penalize you for you for missing Quick Times. Completing them however will gain you something.

Like Final Fantasy X, you will be able to switch party members on the fly. This means that the party leader dying will no longer be game over.

Noel’s memories are cloudy due to the result of a time paradox.

The game will include Easy Mode from launch this time.

Alternative costumes will also be available and will be visible in cutscenes as well as gameplay.

The Crystarium system will not be capped like it was in XIII. Instead, it will be fully unlocked from the beginning and won’t rely on story progression to let you continue.

Source: Nova Crystallis

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