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It’s only a few minutes into the 27th, and live streams of Final Fantasy Type-0 have already begun. It’s taken 5 years but Agito is finally here! In Japan anyway. Now comes the real test of whether it was worth the wait. Let’s hope to see strong sales figures so it can be brought overseas.

Naturally, that may take a while. So if you’re like many of us who are impatient, a Japanese player is playing the game on a live stream so we can feel a part of the action. You can’t get spoiled much more than this, so those of you with a strong constitution will have to try your best to resist. Click through the link below to see the stream.

Update: He’s done for the day. Here’s a link to another stream currently going on:

Twitch TV Leta_jp’s Final Fantasy Type-0 Disk 1 Live Stream

LiveTube | Final Fantasy Type-0 Live Stream

If you wish to discuss the spoilers or the live streams, come visit our Type-0 Spoiler Forum.

Thanks to forum member Ramenzilla for finding this.

With Final Fantasy Type-0′s release just days away, Square are quickly trying to push their latest epic through online and TV appearances. This time, Tabata appears on a TV show with one of the most over the top presenter you will ever see. Three of them (all of them presenting in Class Zero uniforms by the way) take place in a multiplayer mission playing as King, Rem, and Cater. See it all in the 9 minute video below.

Hajime Tabata has taken part in another Nico Nico live stream, showing off even more Final Fantasy Type-0 gameplay. This 14 minute video shows the world map and the multiplayer element with gameplay following Eight, Deuce, Cinque, and Jack. Not much new information is revealed but Tabata does confirm the PSN download will be 2.4GB big.

Source: Nico Nico

The full 12 minutes of Final Fantasy Type-0 gameplay from yesterdays Nico Nico stream has been officially released by Square Enix. There’s a lot to take in, including possibly the most terrifying Malboro in Final Fantasy history.

As well as the new gameplay, the Final Fantasy Type-0 Soundtrack site has been updated once again with 5 new previews to go with the 8 they added last week. A fully translated track list is now available to thanks to Lucas Drealeu from KHinsider. Click more to see the track list in full.


Hajime Tabata has blessed Nico Nico users with a live stream of some new Final Fantasy Type-0 gameplay. The gameplay includes regular battles plus traversing the world with a Chocobo, the the RTS style Battle for Supremacy, and Airship battles. The quality may not be great but Tabata is quizzed about certain elements of the game during the stream which more than makes up for it. GameFAQ members Flower Girl and Kouli have translated the interview.

Is it hard because it’s action oriented?
Compulsory gamplay up to the ending is of low difficulty. Please don’t panic.
It does not entirely come off as an action game since there are RPG commands you have to use to clear the game. Characters still depend on level as in RPGs for battles.

Is it alright to play this if I never played FF before?
You can play this without any problems even if you have never played FF before.
This shares the same mythology as FF13 though so players who played FF13 might feel familiar.

How much is the approximate gameplay volume.
It’s run through would be around 40 hours but it is impossible to clear everything in a single run through. (i’m not sure about this part but it goes) There’s an additional fight in the 2nd play through which completes the game but that does not mean players cannot enjoy the world after everything is done.

Will there be DLC?
[None they will charge for anyway. However he does reveal that there will be free DLC available if you link the game to your Square Enix Members account]

See part of the stream uploaded to Youtube below.

Thanks to forum member Iron Maw for finding this.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Honours Storyboard Artist
Date: September 7th, 2011 Author: Agent Dunham
News Category: Final Fantasy XIII-2
Tags: , , ,

There’s going to be a very special scene in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Speaking at Japan’s CEDEC conference, Square Enix mobile business senior manager Takashi Tokita spoke of the late Yoshinori Kanada. Kanada was a storyboard artist who, among other things, worked on Final Fantasy XIII. One board in particular was for a scene that didn’t make it into the game. According to Tokita, its omission was something director Motomu Toriyama regretted as he quite liked the scene. Not this time, however. The scene, in which Odin holds Lightning, will be included in the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2.

You can see the sequence in question at the end of the clip below, as well as the board it originated from.

The Final Fantasy Type-0 demo at the Square Enix Odaiba Expo has been filmed and posted online by Famitsu. The footage is over 7 minutes long, featuring a large chunk of the Natsubi demo on the show floor.

The demo allows you to start multiple missions from a single room to allow for an adequate range of gameplay during the short amount of time the visitors to the event are given to try it out. Hajime Tabata is also giving commentary during the video but unsurprisingly, it’s all in Japanese. To see the new gameplay, visit Famitsu through the link below.

FAMITSU | Exclusive Type-0 Video Expose with Director Commentary

Four New Final Fantasy Type-0 Gameplay Videos
Date: July 15th, 2011 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Final Fantasy Type-0
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With Square Enix’s Odaiba Expo opening tomorrow, we receive four new Final Fantasy Type-0 gameplay videos as well as the confirmation that development has entered the tuning and debugging stages. The videos contain several different aspects of gameplay such as Kill and Break Sights as well as Special Orders and the World Map.

Basic Gameplay:

Kill Sight & Break Sight

World Map

Special Orders

Square Enix showed the press a separate demo to what’s available on the show floor which includes the fight between Lightning and the newly revealed Chaos Bahamut. The battle with her riding her summon Odin, makes use of several of the new gameplay features revealed in interviews. When Famitsu asked whether this was the same Bahamut as Fang’s summon from FFXIII, they were told it was not. Watch the footage below.

Source: Famitsu

Various videos of the Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo at E3 have popped up but none of them showing the entire thing from start to finish. Gametrailers has thankfully provided that to us with the bonus of a developer walkthrough giving commentary through-out. Watch all four videos below.

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