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Yeah, I didn’t realise Famitsu had a Chinese magazine either. Thanks to our forum member epsilon, we have some new Final Fantasy XIII, Versus and Agito scans from Famitsu and this time they aren’t photos. Apparently they were found on a Chinese forum but it went down due to bandwidth problems. Thankfully she grabbed them before it did. However we’ve found the complete set on another Chinese site and here they are.

The scans contain a lot of new images such as Sera from Final Fantasy XIII being attacked by a flying monster, Final Fantasy Agito XIII screenshots showing the battle system very clearly and some extra shots of the Party Scene from Versus. You really do need to see these.

Final Fantasy XIII Scan Final Fantasy XIII Scan Final Fantasy XIII Scan Final Fantasy XIII Scan Final Fantasy XIII Scan Final Fantasy XIII Scan Final Fantasy XIII Scan Final Fantasy XIII Scan Final Fantasy XIII Scan Final Fantasy XIII Scan Final Fantasy XIII Scan Final Fantasy XIII Scan

Source: Endless E-Entertainment

Famitsu: Final Fantasy XIII, Versus & Agito scans
Date: October 22nd, 2008 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Fabula Nova Crystallis

Thanks to forum member >byoushinn, we have the lastest Famitsu scans on the three FNC titles. Most is similar to that of the V-Jump scans, but there appears to be a couple more screenshots which haven’t been seen before until now.

These are the only scans available at the moment, but hopefully we should update with some higher quality scans soon.

ff_agito13.jpg ff13.jpg ff13.jpg

Source: Videogamerx.gamedonga

V-Jump has some new Final Fantasy XIII, Versus and Agito Scans containing the new screenshots from TGS. Unfortunately they’re just photos but we’ll update you when higher quality scans are available. They aren’t too different to the recent Shonen Jump scans and they are quite poor quality but there is a nice close-up screenshot of Lightning we haven’t had before.

Final Fantasy XIII Scan Final Fantasy XIII Scan Final Fantasy XIII Scan Final Fantasy XIII Scan

Source: FF7AC Reunion

Last month, Square-Enix told us on their Official Goods Shop site that they would be selling >Final Fantasy XIII posters at their stall during the Tokyo Game Show. Now you can buy the Final Fanatsy XIII and Versus poster together from their online store…if you live in Japan. It costs 1000

We had a little preview of the new Shonen Jump scans earlier today when we discovered the blonde Final Fantasy XIII character’s name was Snow. Well here are the full scans and they feature new screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII, Versus and Agito. There doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of new information though. For the in-depth articles we’ll have to wait until Famitsu and Dengeki release their issues in the coming weeks.

Final Fantasy XIII Scan Final Fantasy XIII Scan

Source: FF7AC Reunion

The fat chocobo (me) has returned from Tokyo Game Show 2008, and has put together a giant trailer description set compiled from her notes and Kanae’s. She waddled through the megatheater twice, the second time with a notepad and pen to try to catch some text off the trailers. Hints for people who want to get in next year: arrive at 6:30 in the morning.

These are more full and detailed descriptions of the trailers shown at TGS 2008 in the Closed Mega Theater. Hopefully this plus Autumn Thread’s description will give people a good idea of how the trailers went.

New scenes and new information will be bolded.

Interesting new stuff:

A tiny bit more on the new scenes in 13, and a fuller account of the scenes contained in the trailer.

Italian captions on black backgrounds were shown interspersed through the Versus trailer. Three of five have been translated.

Most of Agito’s narration has been translated, which contains the backstory for the game. This was entirely taken from Kanae’s transcript.

Things to make note of:
These descriptions are a compilation of my own notes and the notes of Kanae of The Japanese conversations in 13 and Versus, and the narration in Agito have been translated to English from her transcripts.

There are some discrepancies as to the order of some of the older scenes in the new trailer between her and my accounts.

The names in the radio broadcast in the Versus trailer are the interpretations of what Japanese viewers heard. There were no subtitles to read the spellings and pronunciations off.

The articles in the Italian phrases in Versus may not be completely correct. I don’t know Italian well enough to say whether or not I copied them down correctly. The root nouns I am fairly sure about.

I skipped over detail in some of the Versus and FFXIII scenes. If you’re a newcomer, you may benefit from reading the Jump Festa trailer description Kanae wrote here and watching the E3 trailer for 13 also available on the site.

On to the descriptions, click here.

User >Autumn Thread who resides on the NeoGAF forum, who attended this years TGS, has given users descriptive details (along with dialogue) on each trailer shown within Square Enix’s Closed Mega Theater.
(You can also find summaries for other trailers viewed within the Closed Mega Theater in the source at the end of this post.)

Here are the summaries given by Autumn Thread.


Started off with the familiar TGS07 footage of the dragon-like flying creature swooping down over a stream, camera moves up to Sera (formerly Nom-chan). Camera pans and shows the world in the distance.

Changes to the airship we’ve seen previously. This thing is huge and small airships that resemble fish (green beams the top and bottom that are shaped like the spine in fins). The mother airship sends out green circle markers in which the airships fly through, into a docking station and slowly move to the end of the dock which takes them below.

Camera changes to another airship, this is all new footage and a new location. out of the airship a man? with a pony tail walks out, seems to be some kind of general or a leader of some organisation. We see some soldiers that we’ve seen in the in-game screen shots released recently, they look a bit like the Helghast from Killzone but a little more organised and scary. They’re carrying a casket towards the airship with the general, looks like a black cocoon but at the end is Sera. She has a very royal-esque outfit (I feel that she may be related to royalty or something, I’ll elaborate below.) She’s walking with them and looks kind of melancholy. At the foot of the unit carrying the casket is the woman with the large breasts, glasses and knee-length hair.

Changes scene to a new location we seen in pictures long ago. There’s a large creature or statue in the midst of a green-ish underground location. The special soldiers are surrounding the creature and the city in the background is burning, smoke is coming out of the buildings. The soldiers fire pipes or some other thing into the creature and soon after there’s a thousand odd ‘pipes’ impaled in this thing.

Change scene: We see a beach like location, airships and carriers fly overhead, the camera is in a birds eye position and one of the airships drops 2 objects. As they fall they explode into smaller creatures(?). Camera moves to ground level and there are the clone wars lookalike soldiers running out of the small army barracks like place they have there. 2 futuristic ground vehicles arrive and the camera once again shifts to old footage.

Shortly we hear Lightnings voice. It’s not a cutscene but quite a few scenes flashing in out, we see Lightning walking through the ruins with Sera and then again at the frozen location. They’re being assaulted by the special soldiers. We see some fancy combat and sword transformation from Lightning and she flips back to defend. We see Mr.33CM talk with lipsync here and the trailer ends.

Dialogue (not 100%)

Lightning: ‘Carry out the mission’ is what you said. You want to abandon it?
What about ‘your’ mission?
Mr. 33cm: That’s not it! I’ll protect Sera and carry out the mission. That’s a promise.
Lightning: Show me you can ‘protect’.


yikes I’m getting tired!

Trailer opens with the car scene in the tunnel and radio talking about the end of a cold war. Seems a little bit extended, shows some road signs with names “En Victis” and “Nhilifium” or something like that.

Car exits a tunnel and we see airships looming over in the distance.

Shakespeare message appears and we cut to new in-game footage.

Camera shows a staircase, we see the princes feet climbing the staircase. Detailed shoes. I want some. Camera moves up and shows the prince in his glory, he looks a bit antisocial. He notices Stella looking at the painting of the Goddess and she notices he’s around.

She asks him if he seen something earlier, she also seen it she states. She questions him if that is the ‘light’. She approaches him quite quickly and he seems a little timid, he turns his back and moves to walk away muttering “It’s better not to talk about that”, she catches up and does the cute Japanese ‘one foot hands behind back spin’ motion and questions him if ‘that’ (dialogue below) is not indeed the words of the (scholars?) at a place called Tenebuira. He tells Stella it’s probably the same ‘here’, also.

By the way, the animation and detail to expression is very impressive. I find that FFvXIII seems to have a little graphical edge over XIII right now. It’s truly amazing, I want to see it once more.

After a little more chatter they Noct slumps down onto a chair and we see more of the room while they talk about this ‘power’ from ‘light’. There’s a aquarium in the centre of the room.

Noct excuses himself that he must be leaving soon and the two depart after Stella introduces herself and invites him to her ‘city/country’ ‘Tenebuira’. Noct tells her he’ll consider it and she leaves rather quickly.

Noct looks up and a voice asks him “Who… are you?”
He mutters back “That’s my line” and shrugs it off, walking away.

The rest of the footage was old FMV stuff from TGS07 and Jump Festa.

Dialogue (not 100% either)


Once again Square-Enix has brought their infamous Closed Mega Theatre to TGS and you’ll never guess what goodness lurks inside. According to, new trailers for Final Fantasy XIII, Versus and Agito have been screened in there. Now hopefully this won’t be the only place they can be seen throughout TGS and maybe they’ll be shown at either Square, Sony or Microsoft’s conferences but we can’t say for certain. In any case Famitsu have written up some brief descriptions of what goes on. I’ll be updating below as we get new information.

Apparently they are all contain the same footage as seen in the DKS3137 trailers but with extended scenes.


We’re starting to get some news from the Tokyo Game Show. Whether it’s reliable or not is another question. > is reporting that they have the names of some of the Final Fantasy XIII characters and Final Fantasy Versus XIII characters. I couldn’t quite understand it earlier and neither could half the people on 2chan but duckroll from Neogaf has given us a translation.

Akeno Watanabe, a well known voice actor for both Anime and Video Games in Japan “may” be voicing Lightning.
The Pigtails Girl might be named either Sarah or Senon.
The Prince in Versus is named Noctis (latin for night…unsurprising)
The Skirt Girl is named Stella.

Source: Neogaf

Square-Enix have released their Tokyo Game Show lineup for this years event in October. Their TGS website shows that Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII will all be attending the show, but none of them will be in playable form. This is hardly surprising and it seems as though we’ll have to wait until March to get our hands on it in playable form.

There is no mention of the Closed Mega Theatre which could be a good thing, although as every FFXIII fans knows, getting your hopes up at these events will often leave you disappointed. Let’s hope they show something new as well as making it available for everyone to watch.

Source: Square-Enix TGS 2008 Website

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