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Although the combined Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII trailer has been spared the fate of appearing in Square’s infamous Closed Mega Theatre, it’s humiliatingly been stuck only appearing on screens inside the Square Enix booth where people queue to play other games. Even so, Gamespot has taken the time to post some impressions of the trailer. Read them below.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

The Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer was part of a series of incredibly brief trailers that showed images from Final Fantasy XIII as well as Final Fantasy Agito XIII. We saw the main character, a young man with short black hair wander through several completely deserted areas. First it was a barren landscape, then it switched to a deteriorated roadway, and eventually we see him in the city, where it was just him fighting a giant behemoth. The quick fight scene showed him jumping and slashing furiously at the beast. Any hint of color or life in the trailer was limited to the spurts of red blood, coming from the behemoth, which stood out against the mostly dark and grey environment. There was nothing else on screen that would give us any clues as to how this game is set up other than it looks to be a 3D action game.“lockquote>

Final Fantasy Agito XIII

It does appear that the cast in the game are a bunch of students, as we saw a young girl school girl in a noticeably short skirt wielding a giant hammer. The gameplay appears to be action oriented, with a targeting system similar to Crisis Core. Even if we could understand Japanese, the trailer was over so fast that all we could make out was that there will be some giant mechanical foes as well as chocobos to ride on.

At the end of the series of painfully short trailers, which included images for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Square Enix revealed that a Fabula Nova Crystallis conference will be held January 11, 2011, so we can assume all the information is being saved until then.“lockquote>

Gamespot: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer Impressions

Gamespot: Final Fantasy Agito XIII Trailer Impressions

We weren’t expecting much from this years Tokyo Game Show but for the hundredth time, any kind of official news for Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII has been delayed. Instead of once again being disappointed this time around though, we have a guarantee we’ll finally see something worth while soon.

A source at TGS has revealed that although the games have a minor presence there, they will actually be getting an entire “Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference” where new media will most likely be revealed. The conference which is taking part in January should hopefully answer our prayers. Hopefully it won’t just be press only.

Source: die_Erde (Twitter)

Although it’s hardly the thrilling news we expected, Nomura has confirmed that there will be new footage of both Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII at this years Tokyo Game Show next month.

Instead of independent trailers, the footage will be combined into a joint Versus and Agito trailer “under the FNC banner”. Nomura also confirmed that the trailer will only be a minute long. Even more disappointing is that the trailer won’t receive a public release. It will instead appear on monitors in the demo area of the Square Enix booth.

For those of you lucky enough to see the trailer, Nomura has stated it includes footage of the Versus screenshots revealed in June’s Dengeki which means there will be actual gameplay footage at last! For some reason though, it will be devoid of any command menus or HUD elements that will appear in the final game. The Agito footage will be brand new and apparently more like what they expect the finish product to look like.

With Nomura still focused on other projects, Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s progress has been slow. Well slow is an understatement. However, he recently posted a few updates concerning the development of both Versus and Agito on the official 3rd Birthday Twitter.

In his post, he says that both games are being produced in different styles and are at different stages of development. However, he does confirm that both Versus and Agito are finally undergoing voice casting. As The 3rd Birthday’s voice recording is almost over, Nomura says Agito will be next. With all of these projects being worked on simultaneously, it comes as no surprise that he also confirms that he’s working on a number of unannounced titles which will be released before Agito and Versus. It seems like these games have been inevitably delayed even further.

Source: Andriasang

Game Informer have conducted a post release interview with Final Fantasy XIII’s producer Yoshinori Kitase. In the interview, Kitase was questioned about about the development of Crystal Tools and when asked what he would change, he said they should have concentrated on improving existing technology rather than creating an entirely new engine.

“Tools and engines improve through a process of trial and error and countless revisions, and that’s what really makes them more efficient.”

Kitase was also questioned about the rest of the Fabula Nova Crystallis compilation. When asked whether there are more games in the compilation planning to be announced he answered “Please look forward to future announcements.” Even though we’ve had evidence to believe this before, that pretty much confirms it.

Source: Game Informer

In the issue of Famitsu on sale Thursday, there is an interview with Final Fantasy series character designer Tetsuya Nomura.

Whilst much of the interview is in regards to his upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep game on the PSP, the magazine takes a moment to ask him about Square Enix’s plans for this year’s Tokyo Game Show, with Nomura responding “We will not be showing new images for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy Agito XIII or The 3rd Birthday (Parasite Eve).” This would seem to mean no new screenshots, no new concept art and – much to the chagrin of many, I’m sure – no new trailers.

This hardly comes as a surprise, with Square Enix now focusing on promoting Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and Final Fantasy XIII for their Winter releases. Such is the nature of marketing.


Tetsuya Nomura has once again been interviewed by Japanese gaming magazine Dengeki and within the article are some interesting new details concerning all the Fabula Nova Crystallis titles. Here they are summarised.

Nomura is no longer involved in the development of Final Fantasy XIII. All the character design is finished so he’s moved onto working with his own projects.
He’s currently concentrating on Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII.
The battle system for Agito has evolved since we last saw it.
Even though Agito is on the PSP, they’re aiming to make it the pinnacle” of this handheld generation.
Final Fantasy Versus XIII is being developed by many members from the Final Fantasy VII team who are working well together.
The team isn’t making any compromises so the quality of the finished product should be great.
They’re currently testing the battle system and map gimmicks in Versus.
Versus will have a day and night cycle.
Nomura wants to show the result of leaving a character on their own for a long period of time.
He asks us to be patient for Versus information. Once he gets to a certain point he’ll have a surprise for us. (Versus won’t be shown at E3 almost 100% confirmed).
Final Fantasy XIII will have new screenshots and a trailer revealed at E3.

Thanks to our forum member Cagalli for finding this.

Dengeki PS3 Issue 445, feature scans
Date: April 17th, 2009 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Fabula Nova Crystallis

Sorry guy’s, i was meaning to scan these a few days ago, but things kinda got sidetracked. But I’ve finally got them all done and up.

There’s also a couple of scans on Versus & one on Agito which I’ve also scanned.
(I’ll add them to this post later)

Also there are Staff interviews which accompany these scans, they’ve already been scanned and where posted by Shuyu a while back.
You can find them here.

1 1 1 1 1
1 1 1 1 1

Both the Final Fantasy Agito XIII and the Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailers have worked their way onto the internet from the Limited Edition of Advent Children Complete. I’ve added both of them to our trailer pages ready for you all to enjoy watching over and over. Sorry it took so long but my Laptop adapter decided to blow up.

Also for all of those interested, most pre-orders of Advent Children Complete have been shipped today and the rest should ship tomorrow. It looks like Play-Asia still has copies in stock so if you’re still interested, buy it while you can!

Final Fantasy Versus XIII FFXIII Demo Trailer
Final Fantasy Agito XIII FFXIII Demo Trailer

Re: Final Fantasy XIII, Versus & Agito Full Scans
Date: December 17th, 2008 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Fabula Nova Crystallis

We now also have the complete list of FNC titles scanned from Re: Final Fantasy XIII. Enjoy.

FNC Introduction
RE Message Scan RE Message Scan

Final Fantasy XIII
RE Message Scan RE Message Scan RE Message Scan RE Message Scan RE Message Scan RE Message Scan

Final Fantasy Versus XIII
RE Message Scan RE Message Scan RE Message Scan RE Message Scan RE Message Scan RE Message Scan

Final Fantasy Agito XIII
RE Message Scan RE Message Scan RE Message Scan RE Message Scan

Final Fantasy XIII Artwork: Encore
RE Message Scan RE Message Scan RE Message Scan RE Message Scan RE Message Scan RE Message Scan RE Message Scan RE Message Scan RE Message Scan RE Message Scan RE Message Scan RE Message Scan

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