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EGM August Issue FFXIII Scans
Date: June 26th, 2007 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Fabula Nova Crystallis

The latest issue of EGM has a section on the Fabula Nova Crystallis compilation celebrating Final Fantasy’s 20th Anniversary. They have sections for both FFXIII and Versus and a summary of what we know so far. Although nothing new is included in the scans, it’s a good read for someone who hasn’t been following the compilation so far.

There hasn’t been any release dates announced but EGM’s predictions are a Summer 2008 release for FFXIII in Japan and a 2009 release for Versus. Thanks to Kyll from for the scans.

EGM Scan One
EGM Scan Two
EGM Scan Three


LEVEL Magazine Interview Developers
Date: May 30th, 2007 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Fabula Nova Crystallis

The latest issue of LEVEL magazine contains a new interview with developers at Square-Enix about their latest games. Toriyama and Nomura were their to field questions about games in the Fabula Nova Crystallis project. There isn’t anything new really in the interview that we haven’t heard before but it’s a good read. To read the full interview click, visit the Interviews section and view the bottom interview or read a brief summary of it below. We have to get something new soon.

Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning actually likes to call herself Lightning and her personality is completely different to Yuna’s from FFX.
The theme of the game will switch between fantasy and futurism similar to FFVII. They also aim to mix new futuristic elements never seen in a game before. “FFXIII will truly define the term futurism. You’ve never seen anything like it.”
The PS3 is proving to be an outstanding platform for the game and many features wouldn’t be possible without it.
FFXIII’s graphics will make the characters seem real, adding something emotional to the entire gaming experience.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Nomura has always wanted to take the series in a different direction but feared it would narrow the audience. With Versus he can achieve this.
Versus is based in the real world instead of a completely fantasy one.
The characters are designed to be someone you could meet in real life rather than someone who is fabricated. The locations and environment are also supposed to seem believable to someone in the real world.
He also says that none of his ideas would have been possible if he was still developing on the last generation and that the PS3′s “technical possibilities have a great influence over the game design and in the end, the entire game experience.”

// Interview Section

Thanks to Desi for posting this in the forums and Ceb from Neogaf for the interview in the first place.

Source: Neogaf

Square Enix Party 2007 Report
Date: May 13th, 2007 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Fabula Nova Crystallis

New additions to old

Party Trailer Summaries from Gemaga Blog
Date: May 12th, 2007 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Fabula Nova Crystallis

There are currently about 38,000 people at the Party with many of them taking the 120 minute wait to get into the Closed Mega Theatre. Each FFXIII game has a trailer in the theater but according to Gemaga, there isn’t any new footage for any of the games since the Jump Festa trailers.

The FFXIII trailer contained the same footage of the blond guy appearing with his bike transforming into Shiva and the Versus trailer had the same footage of the fight between the protagonist and the soldiers with him teleporting to avoid rocket fire.

Versus Trailer

It’s unclear from the translation but it sounds like some ingame footage of Agito was cut into the already existing trailer which was described as better graphics than the PS1. For a mobile game that would be extremely impressive so could this confirm the game going onto the next generation of 4G phones?

Source: Gemaga Yahoo Blog

The small Versus and Agito thumbnails featured on the Square-Enix party site and in previous scans are now available in their full resolutions. Like the previous HD Lightning screenshot for FFXIII, they to have somehow worked their way onto the internet.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Screenshot
Final Fantasy Agito XIII Screenshot

Unfortunatly they’ve been saved at quite a low quality so they aren’t in HD. Still, it’s something new and we’ll most likely be getting them again in full quality when the Party begins. Enjoy Photoshoping!


New FFXIII and Versus Game Informer Scans
Date: April 17th, 2007 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Fabula Nova Crystallis

New Game Informer pages have been scanned in by our forum member Yurian. His summary puts it best so I’ll add that here.

Revealing its first articles concerning the Fabula Nova Crystalis Compilation, Game Informer elucidates upon some of the previously mentioned details about the three games. Although most of the details were already established from other media sources, GI does confirm two important aspects to the mysterious Final Fantasy (supposed) Trio: Lightning is in fact the main protagonist – the “instrumental force of change” – in Final Fantasy 13, and Square Enix has indeed filed a trademark for a “Final Fantasy Haeresis 13″. Despite suggesting the possibly tipping exclusiveness of the series, GI is definitely excited about the games (and hopefully their release dates) – as we can all putatively agree.

Game Informer Scan One
Game Informer Scan Two
Game Informer Scan Three

New Official Playstation Magazine Australia Scans
Date: April 16th, 2007 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Fabula Nova Crystallis

The Australian version of Official Playstation Magazine has a section dedicated to the Fabula Nova Crystallis compilation including a new interview with Toriyama. Although the questions are pretty basic some new facts have been revealed.

Official Playstation Magazine Scan One
Official Playstation Magazine Scan Two
Official Playstation Magazine Scan Three
Official Playstation Magazine Scan Four
Official Playstation Magazine Scan Five

Lightning has now been confirmed as the main character in the FFXIII even though it was stated she wasn’t in a Gemaga interview after E3.
The ATB system will be “sped up to it’s limit”, promising much faster and action packed battles.
They haven’t decided whether online functionality will be included in the game but it is under discussion.
Mini-games may be included in FFXIII and could be followed up by full game releases e.g. Chocobo Racing.
Toriyama wouldn’t give a release date but said it takes a long time to make a game to the same standard as the previous titles.
Other titles in the series that are yet to be announced won’t just be on the PS3 or Mobile which is obvious.

Unfortunatly little mention of Versus, Agito or any other titles in the compilation were made however Toriyama is the director of FFXIII so we will have to wait for information on the other games from their developers.

Source: Reminem (via Forever Fantasy)

Date: April 10th, 2007 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Fabula Nova Crystallis

EGM’s May issue contains a few more details on FFXIII in their “The Big Ones” section. All the information was found in the Jump Festa issues of Famitsu,

More Gemaga details from IGN
Date: March 3rd, 2007 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Fabula Nova Crystallis

IGN have made their own summaries of the Gemaga articles from a few days ago with some more details about FFXIII and Agito.

Final Fantasy XIII

The XIII article is mostly about the battle system being implemented in the game by it’s recently announced battle director Tosirou Tsuchida, previously the FFX battle director. For FFXIII we’ll be getting a “flash, speedy battle system that while as fast as an action game, still allows for players to input commands. Attacks in the game can be charged to make them more powerful and magic can be combined with standard attacks causing more damage or a status alignment to be given.

The system has been described as a party battle system by Toriyama but it’s unsure whether commands are input to control your allies or if they automaticlly attack like the FFXII Gambit system. Tsuchida just replied with “no comment”

The enemies in the game have an actual background story instead of being random grunts. The soldier battalions will have thoughts and feelings and react to the habitat they’re fighting in. This could mean with have enemies with morals or cowards fleeing battles.

IGN: Final Fantasy XIII Battle System Detailed

Final Fantasy Agito XIII

Nomura has given more specifics on how Agito will be distributed. The game is too much for current 3G phones to handle so the game will most likely be developed on next generation 4G phones which haven’t been released yet. This means they won’t nessecarilly be limited to releasing the game in chapters like Before Crisis but in one full game. The reason he doesn’t want it to be developed on 3G is because Nomura wants it to be considered a fully fledged Final Fantasy title. He’ll also be using his current mobile projected, Monotone, to test some elements for Agito.

IGN: Final Fantasy Agito XII Goes Next Gen

Source: IGN

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