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Square Enix has released new screenshots and a high quality render of Hope today. Some of the screenshots were featured in the recent Dengeki article. They are contained with more detailed views on Academia, the giant casino Xanadu, the temporal rift in its different modes, and a few battle screenshots. Fortunately, they are all in English. Check them out below!

Source: RPG Site

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Dengeki Article Preview
Date: October 26th, 2011 Author: Chat Noir
News Category: Final Fantasy XIII-2
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A preview of the latest Final Fantasy XIII-2 Dengeki article has surfaced. A better look on Hope’s new appearance can be seen along with a few new screenshots of a city at night time that has been featured in the trailers.

Source: Facebook

New information from this week’s Dengeki issue has been leaked, thanks to Erren Van Duine from Nova Crystallis. Check out some new details from the translated article below:

New Capital Academia

Cocoon’s metropolis led by the Academy. The Academy’s idea is a future with no need of the fal’Cie. In Academia’s business district at night, Cie’th appear. Depending on the time period in which you visit, things will change.

Toriyama Mini Interview 1

Hope is about ten years older, he’s now the Academy’s leader but he also helps with Gran Pulse developments. Because of certain things that happened in Cocoon, some characters have a feeling of guilt. Other characters from XIII are also “walking new paths” and out of them, Hope really has changed the most.

Hope still keeps his boomerang as a memento of sorts, but he doesn’t really use it often.

Regarding Sazh, he too is helping the society of Gran Pulse in his own way.

Gigantic Casino Xanadu

Can be seen floating in the sky, but the time period it is in is unknown.

Slot Machines: You can buy coins to spend on these machines with gil. Conversely doing well will allow you to earn prizes.

Chocobo Races: Here you can have the chocobos you’ve captured in battle race. There are

five categories, with the top one having big prizes.

Chocobos have “Racing Points.” When these points hit 0 the chocobo must retire. Pressing the right button at the right time when a race starts gives you a start dash.

Minigame “Time Labirynth”

You’ll encounter these in the course of the story, but there are also optional ones.

“Vanishing Floor”: Every time you get off a floor panel it disappears. The stage is composed of a series of floor panels and crystals. The objective is to gather all the crystals.

“Crystal Bond”: Where you must link crystals of the same shape and color with each other.

“Clock’s Needle”: Where numbered crystals appear floating over a giant clock’s dial. Details are unknown.

Monster Special Skills

Tonberry’s Deep-seated Grudge : a special move where grudge is unleashed.

Chocobo’s “Kweh!”: a series of blows done with the chocobo’s beak.

Toriyama Mini Interview 2

One of the criticisms many people had towards XIII was the lack of dungeons. To fix that they created the Time Labyrinths which are similar to the Cloister of Trials segments from FFX. The ones you encounter as part of the story are relatively simple, but the really hard ones are optional.

Chocobos who participate in Chocobo Races can get stronger and learn new abilities while racing. You can also play with the slot machines.

Kitase: Staff members who did the slot machines put a lot of effort into them. Using them, you can acquire premium items but there are also risks.

While not a minigame itself, throwing the Moogle around to get treasure chests is also fun.

Kitase: One thing I’d like to clarify is that all these minigames are not DLC, they’re all contained in the game.

Source (full article): Nova Crystallis.

It turns out that the promotional image of Final Fantasy XIII-2′s Crystal Edition released by Square last week, might be slightly different than the final thing. Square Enix has recently put up some new boxart for the games Crystal Edition release in Europe.

The new boxart still features part of the games logo from the original, but instead only includes Lightning, without Caius. The same thing goes for the games presentation box which also sports the same artwork. Still no sign of a North American release yet though. See the updated versions below.

Dengeki’s latest issue is coming out tomorrow, but thankfully, a little bit of info on Final Fantasy XIII-2 has leaked out already. Here’s what Toriyama has to say in his latest update.

The game’s casino city is known as “Xanadu”. Yes, Xanadu. As seen in the trailers, this is where Chocobo racing takes place but you can also use slot machines shaped like aero bikes.

Time Labyrinths are effectively FFXIII-2′s equivalent of the Cloister of Trials. Most of them aren’t optional but Toriyama says that they won’t be too difficult. More complicated Labyrinths however are available as side quests. Most of you have seen the Labyrinth in action but what we haven’t seen is that there are additional puzzles within them involving numbers and clock hands. Toriyama also tells them that Time Labyrinths were added due to the complaints about FFXIII having few dungeons.

Lastly, although he doesn’t want to say much more, Sazh is still around in XIII-2 and he’s currently undertaking activities which are supposed to better Gran Pulse.

Source: Andriasang

Jump: New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Hope Artwork
Date: October 22nd, 2011 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Final Fantasy XIII-2
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Jump’s latest issue features new artwork of Final Fantasy XIII-2′s, slightly more mature Hope. The article doesn’t include any new information about the game but enjoy the CG render below.

Update: A much higher quality version of the scan has surfaced.

It didn’t take them long to reveal what we’ll be getting. Today Square released several graphics detailing the different editions Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be released in. The limited and special editions have been named as the Limited Collectors and Crystal Editions, and now we can tell you what you can expect to recieve with them. Both editions have been confirmed for North America and Europe.

Limited Collectors Edition

- A composer selected soundtrack which features several tracks from the game chosen by Hamazu himself.

- An artbook titled “The Art of Final Fantasy XIII-2″ including art from throughout development.

- Six collectible postcards, featuring CG artwork of the games main characters.

- A high definition lenticular artprint featuring Lightning.

Crystal Edition

- The full 4 disc official soundtrack to the game with premium digipack packaging.

- An exclusive Final Fantasy XIII-2 T-shirt, never to be released elsewhere.

- The same artbook, postcards and lenticular print as the Collectors Edition.

Square have also revealed a pre-order pack which includes the DLC insert, the Episode I novella and some collectable art cards. It also comes with an exclusive steelbook case.

The new editions are now available to pre-order from a few stores such as which is listing the collectors edition at £59.99 and the Crystal Edition at £79.99.

Serah’s Pre-order Weapon DLC Detailed
Date: October 19th, 2011 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Final Fantasy XIII-2
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The first pictures of Serah’s pre-order weapon have been released by Square Enix, with a few details about it. The angels bow drains HP from enemies as previously revealed, but it turns out the weapon will actually be available in the game without the need of a download code. The only difference is the weapon will be in a different colour. If this is true, it does bring into question the entire point of it.

Source: Andriasang

The EB Expo taking place in Australia has revealed a little bit about what we can expect from Final Fantasy XIII-2′s release. The game has been confirmed to be released in three editions. A standard edition, limited edition, and a special edition. They haven’t confirmed what we can expect in each edition but Square Enix will be filling in the blanks later this week.

So far, the three editions have only been confirmed for Australia, but it’s quite likely they’ll be released elsewhere too.

Source: Esperino

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Super Accessory DLC
Date: October 18th, 2011 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Final Fantasy XIII-2
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Square has announced even more pre-order DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2 in Japan and once again, it’s coming with a CD release. The games mini album to be specific. The download you’ll get is the Goddess’s Bangle and Goddesses’s Earring accessories. They both increase the strength and magical strength of the character they’re equipped on separately, however, having them both equipped at the same time also gives your character a special ability which strengthens item recovery.

The Diva Mic and Diva Headphones coming with the games Japanese theme have also had their abilities revealed. Using them both separately increases the item drop rate and Gil earned in battles. Using them together gives the special ability of increasing the rare item drop. But there’s even more. If you buy both the games theme song single and the mini album with the Goddess’s accessories, you can combine them to form a Super Accessory. Equipping all four accessories will increase your characters CP gained in battles. It may be a cash-in, but for die hard fans, it’s a nice incentive to buy more merchandise. It should be noted that actually being able to use all four accessories will likely come later in the game when that many accessory slots can be unlocked.

Source: Andriasang

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