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The most recent Famitsu is out in the wild and as such, all new details of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII have been revealed.

As we’ve heard much of already, Lightning Returns will have a lot to do with the concept of time in that time is constantly moving forward in the game world. Taking a page from a few other open world games, NPC locations, gatherable information and much more will all depend on the current time.

As far as the new battle system featured in the trailer goes, its real name has yet to be decided though it’s currently being referred to as “sugoi ATB” or “amazing ATB”. Everything to do with Lighting during battle such as weapons, accessories, abilities, etc. are all combined into set Styles as seen in the trailer, with names like Divinity and Enchanter, as well as a Style called Cerberus, which of course will sound familiar as that was a Paradigm in the previous two games. It does in fact seem that the team is tweaking the Paradigm system of the first two games, giving people something familiar yet fresh at the same time.

On the storyline side of things, days occurring in the original game Final Fantasy XIII were said to have had 26 hours. But now, in the time that LR takes place, the days only consist of 24 hours. As usual, Chaos is to blame.

Lightning has only got 4 minutes 13 days to save the world, and though it’s currently being decided just how long those days will be in real world time, it is said the team is thinking they will be somewhere between 1-2 hours long each. In current play tests it is said the game is being beaten in about 2 to 4 days which might make the game seem short, however, the journey to the end of the game apparently has multiple paths, and while the conclusion of the story will not change, the events you’ll experience leading up to the game’s ending can, depending on how you go about things, which will hopefully fuel your desire to play the game multiple times.

Now of course it’s being said the Lighting Returns is indeed a full conclusion to the saga and Motomu Toriyama confirms that no DLC will be needed in order to fully finish the story unlike Final Fantasy XIII-2′s Requiem of the Goddess DLC which truly concluded and filled in a serious gap of the main story. Yoshinori Kitase also had to say that you’ll be pleased with the full conclusion of other beloved characters’ stories from the previous games.

Expect more details to be revealed as we step into 2013, and closer to the release of Lightning Returns.

The continuation of the Final Fantasy XIII series has just been announced at Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Event live on stage. The game entitled “Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII” is the conclusion of Lightning’s story set to be released in 2013.

Lightning Returns Logo

The game takes place hundreds of years in the future in a world known as Novus Partus, a place consisting of four continents which are linked by a rail system. However, in this future, Novus Partus is only 13 days away from doom. Lightning’s actions need to be carefully considered without wasting time or they’ll progress time on the doomsday clock. Players will have the ability to rewind the clock to retry if their actions are wasted. Artwork of a major city known as Lexerion can be seen below.

Lightning Returns - Lexerion

As the only playable character, the battle system has been drastically changed giving her the ability to block in real time and drain the doomsday clock to her advantage. More customisation is a key feature now we’re limited to one character. Lightning’s looks and combat style can be changed with more control than ever before.

Unfortunately a trailer was shown to the press but not made public on the Nico Nico stream, so for now, take a look at the new artwork and images released of the upcoming title below. An official website for the game has been launched telling us to come back on September 4th for more details. Hopefully we’ll see the trailer then.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Official Site

Square Enix have launched a new page on the Final Fantasy XIII website, ‘A Storm Gathers’.

The page is basically just a news brief of the upcoming Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Event and its XIII Saga related announcement. The event, as has been posted before, will take place on September 1st and will be livestreamed over Nico Nico Douga.

You can access the page here.

Square-Enix has announced that their event celebrating the 25th anniversary of the beloved Final Fantasy series will in fact be streamed live for the viewing pleasure of their fans. To be held on September 1st and 2nd, the event will be held over six stages with the main event- the reveal of the continuation of the Lightning Saga- being shown on the 1st at 11:30.

For those of you lucky enough to be able to attend the event in person, it’s to be held in Shibuya where one can win a raffle in order to view the show live. For those of us not lucky enough, the event will be streamed on Nico Nico Live.

Source: andriasang

In a recent post on their official North American website, Square Enix has detailed their plans to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Final Fantasy during PAX Prime. A live display of the series will take place on August 31st and Square will be giving out some nice prizes for participating fans.

Interesting to note of course, is a small mention of a presentation by Yoshinori Kitase, Motomu Toryama and Isamu Kamikokuryo in what SE is touting as a “special video message” which will detail the future of Lightning, the heroine of Final Fantasy XIII.

This will more than likely coincide with the information in the presentation Square Enix has planned for Japan on September 1st. As always we will be reporting every detail as soon as it is revealed so be sure to check back here in just two weeks!

Source: Square Enix

Square Enix isn’t done with Final Fantasy XIII yet. Today they have announced a 25th anniversary event for the franchise where they will announce the continuation of the Final Fantasy XIII series. The event which is taking place from August 31st until September 2nd will feature a Final Fantasy XIII stage event entitled the “Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga: New Developments Presentation”.

The presentation will be hosted by Toriyama and Kitase as well as other members of the development team. No details other than the name of the event are given but the possibility of a Final Fantasy XIII-3 is obviously on everyone’s minds. Stay tuned and check back at 11:30 on September 1st, Shibuya time.

Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Event Portal

Live events were held in different retailers in Japan to celebrate the breaking-the-million-members-mark of the Square Enix Members club. The staff of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Type-0 attended these events and discussed about different stuff such as the performance of Type-0 on PS Vita, the possibility of a Type-0 sequel, some info on the deleted content of the game and some things being considered for XIII-2′s DLC. They were able to discuss these points through the Q&A portion in these events.

Hajime Tabata has stated that Type-0 is looking good and working very well on the PS Vita. Regarding a sequel, he said that if they were to make one it would not directly follow Type-0′s story although he has implied that a sequel would only be made if the fans demanded for one. Proceeding on the Q&A part, he was asked about the characters’ names being based off cards having actual real names and has answered that at first they considered giving them real names but has decided to just keep their code names to make them more mysterious. It was also revealed that during the game’s development they had plans on including a feature where the characters can be controlled to experience dorm life but was cut due to volume issues.

As for XIII-2, Kitase is considering the possibility of releasing Type-0 DLC outfits for the main characters and having FFXIII’s playable characters playable in the game through DLC. They are listening to what the fans want, and says to expect on hearing more info about the DLCs after the game’s release.

Source: Famitsu

As well as all the Final Fantasy XIII-2 details featured in Dengeki’s feature today, Toriyama has also confirmed that “Easy Mode” will be coming to Final Fantasy XIII for Playstation 3.

Easy Mode was one of the features added to the Japanese Xbox 360 release of FFXIII known as Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International. Toriyama says that a patch will be released for the PS3 version which will add this feature. The patch will be released in Japan on 21st July to coincide with the Ultimate Hits PS3 version release. He doesn’t mention whether the patch or budget version of the game will see an international release.

Source: Andriasang

Lightning’s House That Never Was
Date: April 25th, 2011 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Final Fantasy XIII
Tags: , , ,

During the development of Final Fantasy XIII, some cuts had to be made. One of them unfortunately was Lightning’s very own home which, although appeared in a cutscene, was supposed to be navigable by the player during gameplay. Square-Enix claims that it was removed due to “storage issues” but the artwork has survived showing the full inside and out layout. I somehow doubt it will make it into XIII-2 unfortunately.

Source: Hetima-Sokuhou

A new screenshot has been released of Lightning’s debut appearance on the PSP in Dissidia 012 [duodecim]. This time it’s an in-engine screenshot of her look as happy as ever. There isn’t any visible changes to her look – unlike other Final Fantasy characters featured – except a slightly more “chibified” face.

Source: Andriasang

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