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Continuing the first part, Famitsu has posted their Final Fantasy XIII-2 interview from the 1st Production Premier. The interview with Kitase and Toriyama, answers the basics that many of us are unclear about with the sequel as well as more complex questions concerning story tie-ins with bonus material provided with the original. The interview has been translated and summarised (all be it, in great detail) by Andriasang and is available in it’s entirety below.


The Final Fantasy XIII-2 part of the interview is story focused, so those who haven’t finished FFXIII may want to avoid reading the summary. I ain’t spoiler taggin’ nothin’.

Famitsu first asked for a recap of how the project came to be. The main reason they decided to make a sequel, said Toriyama, is that there was demand throughout the world. In addition to this, Toriyama and the development staff wanted to portray the Lightning character further. The original FFXIII ended with a lingering question: is Lightning really happy? Final Fantasy XIII-2 will come to a clear conclusion.

The “Episode I” after story novella that was included as a bonus with the first print run of the Japanese Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII serves as the prologue of XIII-2. Famitsu pointed out that Episode I shows the various characters from FFXIII returning to their normal lives. Does this mean that Lightning will be on her own? Also, Famitsu asked, will the purpose of Lightning’s new journey be to find a method of helping Vanille and Fang?

Regarding the latter point, Toriyama noted that being helped by the sacrifice of the two characters left a wound in the hearts of everyone. The story will of course show not just Lightning, but the other allies who were hurt by that, Toriyama assured. Additionally, there will be a number of new characters.

Similar to the Dengeki interview, Famitsu’s interviewers asked if there would be any Final Fantasy X-2 style dancing and singing in XIII-2. XIII-2 will have have a serious direction, Kitase replied. Toriyama noted that considering Vanille and Fang are gone and the world is in a state where Cocoon had fallen, there’s no way for the new story to be totally peaceful. XIII-2 will have a darker and more mysterious side over XIII.

Famitsu asked if XIII-2 will possibly being set in the dark world that Lightning is wandering around in at the end of the Episode I novella. Toriyama responded that the principal setting will be different from that of XIII, but he assured that the FFXIII world will be in the game in some form.

As part of the story of the original, Lightning has lost her l’Cie abilities (summons, casting magic, etc.). In response to this observation from Famitsu, Toriyama joked that perhaps Lightning has become an even more incredible existence than a l’Cie. Famitsu countered that she certainly has become sexier. Toriyama responded that even though she’s probably more explosed (I must be missing something here because she doesn’t look more exposed to me!), similar to the original, they’re valuing her refined and noble qualities. He added that her clothing has a more fantasy feel to it this time, and the design of her weapons and other such items will match.

Commenting on the trailer, Famitsu noted that there’s a scene which shows Lightning standing in front of what looks like an alter. That’s actually not an altar but a seat, corrected Toriyama, and it has great significance.

Famitsu also pointed out that when Lighthing and the mysterious new guy shown in the trailer line up back to back, they look like angel and devil. “Which is the angel and which is the devil?” joked Toriyama. He added, Lightning has a new mission this time, and as she attempts to fulfill this mission, she’ll end up in a confrontation with the guy. He’s a powerful character who can fight on equivalent ground with Lightning, the hero who saved the world.

One final point: if you have Final Fantasy XIII save data, you may want to hold on to it. The team is investigating the possibility of giving something to players who have save data in place.

Source: Famitsu

Famitsu has begun posting their series of interview from the 1st Production Premier on their website¬†beginning¬†with Part 1 which divulges a little more information behind the Fabula Nova Crystallis compilation’s mythology. Thankfully, Andriasang has provided translations of the key points covered in the interview. This part and the ones to follow will be a direct copy from their articles unless otherwise stated.

Along with the interview comes the release of the new Fabula Nova Crystallis logo. On the left is the old logo and on the right is the new one. Try and guess the difference before reading on.


The Final Fantasy XIII-2 part of the Premier event began with the first ever formal description of the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology. This took the form of a five minute narrated animation clip.

Kitase said that the reason they decided to show this now is because they felt that by showing the overall image of the mythology, players would be able to understand it better. The Premier event would be a perfect chance to do this because Final Fantasy Type-0′s release was approaching and they wanted to give the Fabula series a restart.

The video was created by a team headed up by Yusuke Naora (who’s serving as art director on Type-0). The text of the narration was arranged from the mythology book that was created by Kazushige Nojima (who’s heading up the scenario on Versus XIII). Noejima’s book goes into greater detail, telling the feelings of the various gods, for instance.

Kitase joked that the mythology was written five years back and Noejima’s book has been sealed away since then. They had to take it out just for the Premier event.

You can see a translation of the mythology that’s read in the trailer clip at this blog.

The trailer did not show the gods in human form, Famitsu noted. The reason for this, explained Kitase, is that if you use a human form to depict the gods, their image becomes fixed, and the various Fabula series titles would be prevented from having their own interpretation. They decided to go with the forms used in the trailer after considering how to allow the mythology’s image to expand and not get tied down.

You can actually see a sort of humanish form for the mythology’s gods in the Fabula Nova Crystallis logo. The figure shown in the logo is one of the gods. Kitase wouldn’t say which god it is, though, suggesting that players consider it for themselves.

One thing you might not have noticed is that the logo has changed a bit. It no longer says “XIII.” The Fabula Nova Crystallis project was originally announced as Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII, but the XIII is no longer there, neither in the name nor the logo. The reason for the name change, said Kitase, is that Final Fantasy Agito XIII was changed to Final Fantasy Type-0 but is still a member of the Fabula project, so having a XIII in the project name would have been an issue.

Source: Famitsu

New Final Fantasy Type-0 Screenshots
Date: January 28th, 2011 Author: Falsate
News Category: Final Fantasy Type-0
Tags: , ,

Complementing the coverage of Final Fantasy Type-0 along with its sister titles this week, comes direct feed screenshots from Famitsu. Some screenshots appear to be in CG while others are clearly real-time showing off the gameplay. The two gameplay screenshots shows a party of three battling soldiers and another in what appears to be a mechanical enemy launching a full scale attack on its surroundings.

Check them out below!

Source: Famitsu

The latest issue of Famitsu gives us some details of the upcoming Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference being held on January 11th next year. Tetsuya Nomura helps enlighten us on what’s actually going to take place at the event. See the list below for what’s confirmed so far.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII Screenshots will be released.
New titles will be announced – some not even part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis compilation.
New Dissidia 012 [duodecim] characters will be announced.
…and apparently there will be more surprises revealed at the event itself.

There’s no mention of any trailers being shown at the conference as of yet, but it would seem out of place for there not to be any video footage at all. There is more good news though. Square have confirmed that “some” members of the public will be able to attend the event. Let’s hope it isn’t a huge disappointment.

Source: Andriasang

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