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Famitsu has released 23 new Final Fantasy XIII-2 screenshots on their website today, plus the new Snow artwork which was seen in Jump last week. Information wise, they don’t add much that we haven’t already read in recent articles. Catching all 150 monsters does sound like quite a challenge though. Wait…haven’t we done that before?

Source: Famitsu

Remember all that Type-0 stuff released in Famitsu a week and a half ago? Well GAME Watch have done a similar feature but with much more detailed descriptions and tons of screenshots to go with them. There’s even some new stuff Famitsu didn’t feature as well as this piece of artwork. See the parts Famitsu missed out below.



Cranberry Knights

Suzaku Peristylium has thirteen Moogles dubbed the Cranberry Knights that are there to support the students and give them missions. There’s one Moogle for each class including Class Zero.



Subcharacters and l’Cie

Plenty of new screenshots of the newly announced subcharacters and l’Cie have been released plus some official artwork. There isn’t really any new details about the characters themselves but enjoy the pretty pictures of Aria, Carla, Naghi, Caetuna, Ninbus and Enkidu as well as the star of the games logo, Diva.

There’s much more so view the full article.


Famitsu: New Final Fantasy Type-0 Scans
Date: September 22nd, 2011 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Final Fantasy Type-0
Tags: , , ,

Another feature has leaked out of the latest issue of Famitsu, this time about Final Fantasy Type-0. Two scans are available, depicting new characters and showing off a few new screenshots. Here’s a summary of what’s being said. Some of these characters were featured in the demo.

Aria – A subordinate of Class Zero who is responsible for selling items. She’s apparently quiet and obedient but can change.

Naghi – A student at the academy that sees himself as something of an idol. He’s known for being aloof and is a member of the Intelligence Club.

Carla – A student who is popular among the faculty because of her good grades. Similarly to Aria, she sells items but she also sells information. However, she’s known for requesting extortionate prices for the services she provides Class Zero.

Enkidu – Another Gelbu l’Cie who shares a childhood with Gilgamesh. He’s appeared alongside Gilgamesh in previous titles.

Diabolos (Diablos) – A war god which looks like a demon with the ability to absorb the HP of his enemies. His special ability is Gravity Sphere which will draw in enemies and when charged by the player, create a larger sphere. When being charged it will absorb the HP of anything in it’s path, including friends.

Battle for Supremacy

A minigame featured on the world map. The game involves moving troops around and capturing areas in an RTS styled manner. Different troops have different strong points e.g. specialized against machines. Special missions give you encampments to control and more troops to take charge of.

Dog Fighting

The airship you control has machine guns installed on it. This means you can take on mounted dragons controlled by Concordia in dog fights. There are various kinds of dragons, including larger ones used by the Royal Guard. You also fight them on the deck.


Simulation Battles – You can progress through 20 rounds of fighting to level up your characters and get them Phantoma. You still keep the experience if you die part way through.

Secret Training – A character can be selected to be trained while your PSP is in sleep mode. Details are unclear.

As well as the FFXIII-2 details, Famitsu has also interviewed Tetsuya Nomura in their latest issue. He mostly discussed Kingdom Hearts 3D but he did give a few development details on Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Nomura told Famitsu how he performed a walkthrough of the entire world map recently, checking out the towns and dungeons on the way. He said he was amazed at how wide and impressive everything was. A slightly subjective opinion which isn’t much use to us but he does confirm the use of a new lighting engine. Previously, he stated that the games lighting was being improved and that he was aiming for Versus to be photo realistic. Today he confirmed that an entirely new engine was being used just for it.

The Luminous Engine which was announced back in August is Square Enix’s next generation tool kit and parts of it are being implemented into Versus. The engine does have a small tech demo showing what it can really do (not constrained by specific hardware however). Below is a photo and a screenshot from the tech demo. The left is the photo and the right is the render from the engine. A slightly unfair comparison but it still looks impressive. The 15 second walkthrough video of the scene is available here but only works on some browsers (IE). Youtube however, doesn’t do it justice.

Nomura also says another engine (seperate to Crystal tools) is being utilized for action. The fact that the games engines are still a major talking factor does douse any expectations of an upcoming release. With in-engine trailers already released though, there may have been a lot of work done to what we’ve already seen.

Famitsu’s latest issue has a Final Fantasy XIII-2 feature where they reveal a few new details to tide us over. Here’s a summary of all the new information they reveal.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be appearing one disc on Xbox 360. This is in stark contrast to the original which was released on three. Toriyama claims that this is all due to the increased use of real time cutscenes but it’s quite likely the game itself being shorter, also played a large part.

Hope is aged 24 in the TGS trailer making him 10 years older than he appears in FFXIII. XIII-2 takes place 3 years after the original if you’re trying to keep up with the time travelling. He’s now the head of a scientific investigation group of some sort.

Caius (Kaias) has an evil influence over both Valhalla and the regular world which may explain why the black smoke emanating from Lightning in the trailer is called Chaos. Yeul (Yuru) is the silver haired girl travelling with Caius.

The game will never penalize you for you for missing Quick Times. Completing them however will gain you something.

Like Final Fantasy X, you will be able to switch party members on the fly. This means that the party leader dying will no longer be game over.

Noel’s memories are cloudy due to the result of a time paradox.

The game will include Easy Mode from launch this time.

Alternative costumes will also be available and will be visible in cutscenes as well as gameplay.

The Crystarium system will not be capped like it was in XIII. Instead, it will be fully unlocked from the beginning and won’t rely on story progression to let you continue.

Source: Nova Crystallis

Famitsu have posted the screenshots from their Final Fantasy XIII-2 feature that’s in this week’s Weekly Famitsu. While the information was more or less the same as Dengeki’s feature, there’s now 30 images for you to gawk at. You can start to get a feel of the game’s time-travelling Historiacross system and see the differences of a single location in different time periods. Another special part of the feature was a proper reveal on Lightning. There’s several screenshots of her fight with Chaos Bahamut and Valhalla. To top it all off, there’s some direct feed screenshots of Yoshinori Kanada’s sequence.


To go with the Type-0 screenshots, Famitsu has released a bundle of Final Fantasy XIII-2 screenshots, featuring 5 we haven’t seen before. Although there isn’t much new information we can extract from these shots, two of them do feature Yaschas Massif but during nighttime, showing the day and night cycle featured in the game.

Source: Famitsu

Famitsu has released 16 new screenshots of Final Fantasy Type-0 on their website featuring many of the new characters revealed in their latest issue. There isn’t much more to say so see them all below.

Source: Famitsu

Some five and a bit years down the line, the veil has finally been lifted on the remaining members of Class Zero with Famitsu running a feature on the characters of Trey, Cater and Cinque. Now you can sit down and think long and hard about who your main party will be – time to play favourites.

You can also cop a look at Qun’mi, Zhuyu and the king of Concordia – Byakko l’cie, Suzaku l’Cie and, well, king of Concordia respectively. Beyond that, there’s a short section dedicated to the game’s recently-revealed system of party attacks, known as Volley. Your three active characters will team up and then mess things up. And finally, the series-staple summon Bahamut makes an appearance, in all his dragon-y glory. Feel free to admire all the pretty pictures below.

Famitsu lands on shelves tomorrow.

As promised last week, Tetsuya Nomura has released new details on Final Fantasy Versus XIII in the form of a short interview with Famitsu in their latest issue. Unfortunately, a lot of the new information given is difficult to understand without actually seeing what Nomura is talking about or the screenshots he showed the editors but that didn’t stop him.

Cutscenes were a major topic in the interview. Final Fantasy has always had cutscenes in 3 flavours. CG, pre-rendered and real-time. Historically, they’ve never been controllable but Nomura wants to end that. He says that all real-time cutscenes in Versus will be controllable  in order to keep the game from stopping. How it’s been implemented it is unclear but we can assume it could possibly involve NPCs talking while the character you’re controlling is still able to explore. If that’s the case, it doesn’t sound incredibly revolutionary but we’ll have to wait and see.

Nomura goes into more depth about cutscenes, this time concerning facial expressions which he claims will be much more natural, unlike the “game-like” expressions of past games. Although what he means is unclear, he also mentions a new system in that area which he thinks hasn’t been done before. We’ll have to wait to see what he means.

Three screenshots were shown to the editors, all in real-time, and all apparently stunning. They include shots of an Italian like city, an afternoon shot of a highway, and the same but at night. Nomura says the real-time looks so good because the low quality and high quality models are almost identical, apart from the hair which is slightly better looking on the pre-rendered models. Takeshi Nozue is responsible for the near pre-rendered look of the real-time shots thanks to his knowledge on lighting and other pre-rendered tricks. While the editors noted that the screenshots looked like photos, Nomura also said that you can take photos in-game with Noctis’ cellphone. The screenshots won’t be available to the public yet but when they are, he says they’ll look even better thanks to an improvement in the lighting technology.

Concerning development itself, Nomura says that they’re preparing to enter full production. Voice acting is being slowly recorded now so hopefully our next trailer could be fully voiced.

Source: Andriasang

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