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Final Fantasy XV Details in Nomura Famitsu Interview
Date: June 12th, 2013 Author: Death Penalty
News Category: Final Fantasy XV
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The hits just keep on coming as a Famitsu interview with Nomura has revealed a few more interesting tidbits for us to sink our teeth into. While he has yet to do an in-depth interview as is his custom, he is giving us some surprising things to think about.

The fifteenth coming is not part of the game’s story. It was more of a joke specifically for the trailer and its name change reveal. Oh Nomura, you dirty tease.

Versus may be a series. That’s right, Nomura said that the line at the end of the trailer- “A world of the VERSUS epic”- was specifically meant to hint at the possibility of turning XV into a series. Don’t worry though, Nomura assures us that despite the fact that XV will seem like a single part of an epic poem, it will have its own climax. There will simply be room for more stories to be told.

Nomura is aware that large console developments like this might require a persistent element to keep people interested. To this end, they’re thinking about long-term online features that offer more beyond the short-term single-player experience. Nothing concrete yet, Nomura says he wants to weigh possibilities to see what fits.

Square Enix is interested in expanding Final Fantasy experience to the Vita and other mobile devices. We’re told they’ll be brand new Final Fantasy experiences and not the same old stuff.

The silence on XV is over. Expect to hear more about it from now on, especially at big events like the Tokyo Game Show.

They’re looking into making the Luminous engine XV’s main engine.

Source: NeoGAF

Feel like discussing? Head on down to the forums!

The most recent Famitsu is out in the wild and as such, all new details of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII have been revealed.

As we’ve heard much of already, Lightning Returns will have a lot to do with the concept of time in that time is constantly moving forward in the game world. Taking a page from a few other open world games, NPC locations, gatherable information and much more will all depend on the current time.

As far as the new battle system featured in the trailer goes, its real name has yet to be decided though it’s currently being referred to as “sugoi ATB” or “amazing ATB”. Everything to do with Lighting during battle such as weapons, accessories, abilities, etc. are all combined into set Styles as seen in the trailer, with names like Divinity and Enchanter, as well as a Style called Cerberus, which of course will sound familiar as that was a Paradigm in the previous two games. It does in fact seem that the team is tweaking the Paradigm system of the first two games, giving people something familiar yet fresh at the same time.

On the storyline side of things, days occurring in the original game Final Fantasy XIII were said to have had 26 hours. But now, in the time that LR takes place, the days only consist of 24 hours. As usual, Chaos is to blame.

Lightning has only got 4 minutes 13 days to save the world, and though it’s currently being decided just how long those days will be in real world time, it is said the team is thinking they will be somewhere between 1-2 hours long each. In current play tests it is said the game is being beaten in about 2 to 4 days which might make the game seem short, however, the journey to the end of the game apparently has multiple paths, and while the conclusion of the story will not change, the events you’ll experience leading up to the game’s ending can, depending on how you go about things, which will hopefully fuel your desire to play the game multiple times.

Now of course it’s being said the Lighting Returns is indeed a full conclusion to the saga and Motomu Toriyama confirms that no DLC will be needed in order to fully finish the story unlike Final Fantasy XIII-2′s Requiem of the Goddess DLC which truly concluded and filled in a serious gap of the main story. Yoshinori Kitase also had to say that you’ll be pleased with the full conclusion of other beloved characters’ stories from the previous games.

Expect more details to be revealed as we step into 2013, and closer to the release of Lightning Returns.

Lightning Returns: Developer Interview
Date: September 5th, 2012 Author: Death Penalty
News Category: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
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Lightning Returns is the recently announced conclusion to the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, unveiled at the Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event. For those of you not in the know, the game will feature Lightning as the sole playable protagonist and will be the last game she stars in. Following the recent reveal of the all new title, developers spilled the beans to Famitsu about Lightning Returns. Motomu Toriyama, Yoshinori Kitase, Yuji Abe and Isamu Kamikokuryou have joined together to detail everything from gameplay to art direction to story details, so strap yourself in.

Special thanks for forum member Ramenzilla for finding this.


Scans are beginning to surface on the internet of the latest issue Famitsu, which has more of their interview with Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s director, Tetsuya Nomura. In the page we have, Nomura speaks of announcements being made at this year’s E3, but more significantly, mentions that they’re looking at releasing Versus in three separate parts as a way of bringing forward the release date.

Nomura explains that Square-Enix are aware of the frustration of fans with regards to the length of Versus’ development time. He also says that, after experimenting with DLC in Final Fantasy XIII-2, SE are keen to make regular use of downloadable content and are looking at releasing the last two thirds of Versus as download-only. He does not mention how much these will cost.

If we’re being told this much now, E3 is definitely going to be a big event for Versus fans. Thanks to forum member BlankChocobo for the translation!

totally legit guys, I swear

This week’s Famitsu has some interesting comments from Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura regarding the game’s progress.

According to him, he has some news on the project and is almost ready to reveal a lot of info for us (finally) – but some some “totally unrelated” reasons, he can’t. He’s also not allowed to talk about the situation stopping him, and all he can do is “continue discussions” – with who, it isn’t said.

Is he being pushed for Multi-Plat maybe? Or do Square want Versus on the down-low to stay out of the spotlight for another game? Maybe it’s being cancelled after all these many years. Who knows? Hopefully, we’ll know very soon. Until then, we’ll have to keep waiting for our next Versus XIII update.

You can discuss the lack of news in our forums here.

In a recent interview with Famtisu Magazine, Nomura has spoken about Final Fantasy Versus XIII while basically saying nothing. He also confirmed that the development of Square-Enix’s remake of the excellent Final Fantasy X in HD is underway.

The graphics have evolved beyond the fairly impressive trailer shown last year and have improved considerably. A few scenes which do not require much ‘player control’ have been remade in CG to wow audiences with Square’s famous prerendered CG prowess, including the scene where Noctis meets Stella for the first time. Square decided to drop the amount of CG in the latest iteration of the series, Final Fantasy XIII-2, so it’s nice to hear the tradition will continue with Versus.

Said trailer was not previously running on Playstation 3 hardware, however the next time we get a glimpse of Versus it will be running on an actual PS3, giving a better idea of how the game will actually look.

Finally, the event known as the Square Enix 1st Production Department Premier which was held last year will not take place again, which isn’t much of a surprise considering Versus is the only Fabula Nova Crystallis game at the moment.

While we’re all hoping for a full blown public display and perhaps even a release date for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, we can only sit and wait as these announcements have no specific event or date attached. Let’s hope when they actually do show something it will live up to our increasingly heightening expectations.

Famitsu has released its latest issue, and it included the review for Final Fantasy XIII-2. Unlike it’s predecessor XIII and cousin Type-0, XIII-2 recieved the coveted Famitsu 40/40.

This is the third 40/40 this year, the others going to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The only other Final Fantasy title to receive 40/40 was Final Fantasy XII.

Still yearning for more Final Fantasy XIII-2 news? Famitsu posted an article today containing more in depth details of the monster-Crystarium growth system, additional information about the many things you can do with your monster collection, and tidbits on the world, story and the Historia Crux system.

Though you will still be spending CP when developing your playable characters on the Crystarium, it will be different in the case of the monters as they have their own Crystarium growth system. Items will be used to advance through the monsters’ Crystarium and these items can be received after winning a battle or can be bought in different shops. The abilities you can unlock will depend on the item you will use. Furthermore, as the level of the abilities gets higher, the rarer the required items will be.

A better look on the Crystarium and a few cutscene shots can be seen below, released by Square Enix recently this week.

As seen in the battle screenshot above, a Flanbanero is shown wearing sunglasses. Cool, huh? Not only you are able to add decorations to your collected monsters, but you will also have the ability to name them.

Inheriting monster abilities, which was previously revealed, is indeed another cool addition to the monster collection system. There is a consequence though, as the monster you have chosen for the others to inherit its abilities will be sacrificed. As for the monsters that inherit, they may acquire a new set of abilities if the monster they inherited from has a different paradigm role than theirs. There will be 4 major types of these abilities: command ability, auto-ability, special/characteristic ability, and resistance. The command and auto abilities can only be inherited from a monster with the same paradigm role as the monster that inherits.

Moving on to the other tidbits, 2 colored gates of the Historia Crux system are shown in the article with each having different ways of getting unlocked. Blue colored gates will need general Wild OOPArts items to be unlocked while the yellow colored gates require specific keys to do so. Regarding the story, it is revealed that Caius used to be Noel’s mentor and friend, although the reason of their conflict is yet to be revealed. The “Augustia Tower” is also introduced, which is a building built by the Academy in order to work on a project. Said project is not described in the article and is also yet to be revealed.

As the game will come out in less than a month in Japan and a month and a half in the rest of the world, expect to see more info to be released in the future!

Many thanks to forum member Ectis for finding this information.

Source: Andriasang


Well it was a major disappointment that earlier’s localization rumor turned out to be a hoax, but hopefully some new Final Fantasy Type-0 screenshots can cheer you all up. Famitsu has posted nineteen new screenshots including a couple of new subcharacters Lean and Tiz. They also include the full worldmap for you to pore over.

Source: Famitsu

Famitsu: First Final Fantasy Type-0 Review Out
Date: October 19th, 2011 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Final Fantasy Type-0
Tags: , , ,

The first review for Final Fantasy Type-0 has been released, and unsurprisingly, Famitsu are the first out of the gate with it. The four reviewers gave the game 10, 9, 10 and 10 respectively, giving the game a total score of 39/40. This is the same score FFXIII attained from Famitsu.

Update: Here are the scans:

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