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Edit: Trailer now in glorious HD.

The warm spring has come and our long wait is finally over. For all of you who have been suffering through the agonizing wait, for all of you who were excited at the prospect, Versus XIII has finally showed itself once more. As promised, Tetsuya Nomura appeared at E3 in the form of a video message. There, he announced that we would receive more information in the coming days- but in the meantime, perhaps we could enjoy the latest trailer for Versus.

Well, perhaps we shouldn’t call it that anymore. You see, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a thing of the past- its proper name is now Final Fantasy XV. I’ll let the trailer speak for itself.

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That’s right, you don’t have to attend E3 to see the new Lightning Returns battle system in action! Square Enix has revealed a new gameplay trailer for E3 today, and it shows Lightning traversing a large palace in search of Snow. There she encounters a variety of new enemies and shows off a little bit of the outfit-swapping combat.

If that’s not enough to wet your whistle, stay here in the coming days. Lightning Returns is sure to receive more coverage, and with a playable demo available on the E3 floor you can bet this won’t be the last of the gameplay.

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Tetsuya Nomura to Attend E3
Date: June 10th, 2013 Author: Death Penalty
News Category: Square Enix
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And he’s teasing us yet again. The second episode of Square Enix’s mdRadio aired early for reasons unknown, arriving this morning with Nomura once again talking about his projects. He confirmed that he’ll be making his way over to the states for E3 this year, something he hasn’t done for quite a while.

He went on to speak about the desire for a The World Ends With You sequel- yes please, Nomura- but the part that you all are probably most interested in is that he stated there was “certain information to be announced at E3″. That might not be so interesting if he didn’t also hint that, while he can’t talk about this information right now, he thinks “everyone knows what it will be anyway”.

There has been nothing but hint after hint in the last month or so, and this seems to make things very clear. Keep your eyes peeled at E3, because it sounds like Nomura may have just confirmed Versus XIII’s presence.

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source: Nova Crystallis

Square Enix has given us an early look at the brand new Lightning Returns trailer produced for next weeks E3. In it we see the newly revealed, much more grizzly Snow, and the usual pretty Square Enix locations with Lightning needlessly jumping around like a fool. Look below for the trailer as well as tons of new screenshots.

The Future of Final Fantasy to be Revealed on June 11th
Date: June 5th, 2013 Author: Death Penalty
News Category: Square Enix
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It seems that our long wait may be nearly over, as Shinji Hashimoto is set to do a Q&A session on the 11th of June, only a few hours before the E3 floor opens. Scheduled from 9AM to 10AM, the intent of the Q&A is to detail “the future of Final Fantasy”.

This event will not be streamed to the public and is intended for press only, but you know that reliable sources will have the information for you as soon as it’s available. What exactly will they reveal? Well, it’s up in the air at the moment. We know for certain that there will be a next-gen Final Fantasy present at E3 that has yet to be announced, and that Versus XIII has been stated to have an appearance in the future, so if you’re the betting sort you might have a good idea what to expect.

Thanks to the wonderful people at Nova Crystallis for the heads up. We have not received an invitation to this event, but they have, so keep your eyes locked on them for all the juicy bits!

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The official Japanese Square Enix site has been updated today to add Lightning Returns and X|X-2 HD events to its E3 schedule. The list gives a good idea of what you can expect, and promises interviews and more.

On June 12th, Kitase and Toriyama themselves will be available to answer Twitter and Facebook questions posed by fans. Trendy and modern! But that’s not all. A little later on the same day the two will be giving an interview that’s sure to drizzle on a few more sweet, sweet details. Vigilant fans, E3 is your time. Both titles are also said to be playable on the floor, so expect even more juicy delights down the road, especially where Lightning Returns is concerned.

So far, there are a few big titles missing from E3- including the next-gen Final Fantasy we were promised. But with the gradual leak of details the site is using to tease us, keep your eyes glued to this space. This isn’t the last we’ll hear before E3.

Shinji Hashimoto Promises Next-Gen Final Fantasy at E3
Date: February 20th, 2013 Author: Death Penalty
News Category: Square Enix
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Today, Sony held a massive event revealing its new console- The PS4- and detailings its features.  Present were several bigwigs of various game companies there to show their support.  Among them were two Square-Enix representatives.  The first, Yoshihisa Hashimoto, presented Agni’s Philosophy once again.  Following his presentation, Shinji Hashimoto, brand manager for Square-Enix and producer of the Kingdom Hearts series and Final Fantasy Versus XIII, left us with one tantalizing treat.  He took just a moment on the stage to promise us that we would see a next generation Final Fantasy title at this year’s E3, and that we should look forward to it.

Fly, my pretties! Fly and speculate!

Square Enix showed the press a separate demo to what’s available on the show floor which includes the fight between Lightning and the newly revealed Chaos Bahamut. The battle with her riding her summon Odin, makes use of several of the new gameplay features revealed in interviews. When Famitsu asked whether this was the same Bahamut as Fang’s summon from FFXIII, they were told it was not. Watch the footage below.

Source: Famitsu

Interviews with Toriyama and Kitase have popped up online with plenty of new details on FFXIII-2 contained within them. Recognition of the negative reaction from gamers to the original title is a key factor in development of the game with the team at Square Enix dedicated to making it more “Player driven”. Here are all the new details divulged by the duo today. There are a lot.

Although FFXIII sold over 6 million units worldwide, the team realised the launch was fairly lackluster with a mixed reaction from gamers and reviewers.

Linearity was the main cause of concern. They decided that for the sequel, all the positive parts of the game would be included or improved upon and the parts which were criticized would absolutely have to be tackled. They knew things had to be changed from the original formula.

Linearity is addressed in multiple ways. The new dialog tree implemented allows player to converse with NPCs with multiple outcomes and they’ll be reducing the amount of cutscenes used to break up the narrative focusing on more interactive storytelling. Standing still at certain locations can trigger dynamic cutscenes but they won’t be stopping you if you want to proceed. They want players to explore and trigger cutscenes by themselves rather than force them upon people. The Live Trigger system gives you multiple ways to tackle your current objective. These can include performing tasks which could for example make an upcoming boss battle easier or even avoid it completely. Branching paths remove the linear corridors you were forced to follow in the original and side quests will finally return including plenty of dungeons to explore. The key theme being introduced into this title is choice and freedom, and that these choices will impact the story. With this comes the startling announcement that FFXIII-2 will contain multiple endings. How many endings are possible hasn’t been revealed yet but it’s still a great departure from what we’ve seen before, even if it has been done countless times in other titles.

Several new gameplay features were revealed yesterday including QTE’s, Mog Clock and the ability to jump and although the battle system remains largely unchanged, there are a few more tweaks. Serah won’t be able to summon Eidolons as she isn’t a l’cie anymore but she can instead call monsters to her aid as a third party member. They refused to go into further detail but it’s apparently much deeper in application than described so far. Another complaint addressed was the lack of plenty of mini-games usually found in Final Fantasy titles. Apparently they will be featured in XIII-2 but no details have been revealed. A re-designed game map will also be included. No details on the leveling system have been given yet. Toriyama also said that they plan to allow you to play the game multiple times but when asked whether this meant a “New Game +” type system with characters experience and items carried over, he said they preferred to offer an alternative system to that.

Talking about development, Kitase stated that they wanted to add much more

content to the game that would be worthy of it’s predecessor. He was disappointed by the decision to not release DLC for FFXIII but Toriyama says they can’t confirm how many DLC packs could be made available. Kitase also made sure to add that development of XIII-2 hadn’t impacted on the development of Final Fantasy Versus XIII in any way. Finally, when Kitase was asked whether the game could appear on Nintendo’s new Wii U console, he said that they’re looking into the format but currently XIII-2 will be limited to PS3 and Xbox 360.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 E3 Poster
Date: June 8th, 2011 Author: Falsate
News Category: Final Fantasy XIII-2
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A poster of FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 at this year’s E3 has appeared on Famitsu’s site as well as their own coverage with Motomu Toriyama and Yoshinori Kitase (director and producer respectively). The image shows Serah wielding a crossbow and Lightning in her armor as seen in the trailer.

Source:  Famitsu

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