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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Super Accessory DLC
Date: October 18th, 2011 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Final Fantasy XIII-2
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Square has announced even more pre-order DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2 in Japan and once again, it’s coming with a CD release. The games mini album to be specific. The download you’ll get is the Goddess’s Bangle and Goddesses’s Earring accessories. They both increase the strength and magical strength of the character they’re equipped on separately, however, having them both equipped at the same time also gives your character a special ability which strengthens item recovery.

The Diva Mic and Diva Headphones coming with the games Japanese theme have also had their abilities revealed. Using them both separately increases the item drop rate and Gil earned in battles. Using them together gives the special ability of increasing the rare item drop. But there’s even more. If you buy both the games theme song single and the mini album with the Goddess’s accessories, you can combine them to form a Super Accessory. Equipping all four accessories will increase your characters CP gained in battles. It may be a cash-in, but for die hard fans, it’s a nice incentive to buy more merchandise. It should be noted that actually being able to use all four accessories will likely come later in the game when that many accessory slots can be unlocked.

Source: Andriasang

Toriyama and Kitase have been interviewed by Dengeki Playstation, in which they reveal a few new details about DLC and how Monsters play out in your party in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

So far, a fair amount of DLC has been announced. Kitase tells Dengeki that we can expect a lot more with downloads coming out about twice a month after the games released. He does however say that it won’t be as simple as just downloading an item or costume. To unlock them, you have to clear certain requirements within the game, such as defeating a particular monster. Right now, they’re making the necessary adjustments to the game to make it so the downloadable costumes will be visible in cutscenes.

Dengeki has gives a detailed explanation of the games Summon Raid and Syncro Drive Gauge systems used by Monster party members.

Summon Raid

Some Monsters turn into crystal during battles. The amount that do is dependent on the Monster. You can set up three monsters for use with Summon Raid, each with different roles in combat. When the player switches Paradigm, the monster with the role best suited for it will be swapped in.

Syncro Drive Gauge

When a Monster is fighting with your party, it builds up the Syncro Gauge. When the Gauge is full, the Monster has the chance to perform a special move. It may involve the player performing quick-times.

Source: Andriasang

Soon after Amazon revealed that they would be including the Omega DLC with pre-orders, Square Enix sent out a press release announcing all the other pre-order bonuses available at other retailers. The other two stores offering bonuses are GameStop and Best Buy, each offering different incentives.

At GameStop you’ll receive the same alternative costume for Serah as revealed for Japan earlier today. No word on Noel’s alternative costume coming to the States yet. Pre-ordering at Best Buy will get your something a little different. Remember Episode Zero? It received a sequel cleverly titled Episode I which came with the Ultimate Hits Edition of FFXIII in Japan. It was an epilogue of the events of Final Fantasy XIII. The novella will be getting a collectible hardcover book with each pre-order from Best Buy. This will mark it’s first official translation into English.


Today Square Enix has detailed some of the first of Final Fantasy XIII-2′s post release downloadable content and it turns out one of the downloads will also be available in the US as their first announced pre-order DLC.

Square Enix is offering 3 separate downloads set to to coincide with the Japanese release date on December 15th. First is the Omega boss battle which is a coliseum battle against the series’ traditional optional boss, Omega (aka Omega Weapon). Once beaten, you can take his crystal and have him join your party. The other two announced downloads are an alternative costume for Noel and an alternative costume for Serah.

The Omega DLC will be available as a pre-order bonus in the US when ordered through Amazon. It can be redeemed on both PS3 and Xbox 360 but the download code can take up to two business days to arrive through your email.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3 Amazon Pre-order
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Xbox 360 Amazon Pre-order

Even more pre-order DLC has been announced by Square Enix today, this time targeted towards our new hero Noel. Serah’s bow may be exclusive to HMV and Lawson’s but a new weapon announced for Noel will only be available through Square Enix’s e-STORE.

The weapon named the Calamity Blade is another twin blade which has the special ability to charge Noel’s ATB gauge faster. The weapon will be apparently be useful between the beginning and middle of the game, hopefully not making other weapons along the way pointless. An image isn’t available yet but should be before it’s out.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 SQUARE ENIX e-STORE Pre-order

Square announced earlier this month that we’d be receiving plenty of DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2. Today they’ve actually detailed some of what we’ll be getting, pre-release anyway.

For pre-ordering the game at Lawson’s or HMV in Japan, customers will receive a download code for a bonus weapon for Serah. The weapon itself is described as an angels bow which drains the damage it causes and converts it into HP for Serah. An image of the new weapon will be released in the future. It’s fairly likely the same DLC will be available as pre-order bonuses in other countries as well.

A second piece of pre-release DLC will be coming with the limited edition version of the games official PS3 theme, Yakusoku no Basho. The CD will include another download code which can be traded for some special bonus accessories. The set named “Gift from the Songstress” will include Diva Mic and Diva Headphones. Whether they actually do anything is yet to be confirmed. The CD will be out on November 23rd and the code can be used on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game but whether the Charice version of the song, New World, will include it hasn’t been announced.

Source: Andriasang & Andriasang

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Gamble Your Gil Away
Date: September 18th, 2011 Author: Agent Dunham
News Category: Final Fantasy XIII-2
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If you were one of those people who bemoaned the fact that Final Fantasy XIII had no light-hearted reprise from your journey as a fugitive with a time limit on your life, you’ll be pleased to know that Final Fantasy XIII-2 has minigames galore. The game will feature something similar to Final Fantasy VII’s Golden Saucer amusement park, with various minigames, chocobo racing and slot machines.

While DLC for the game has been mentioned before, little has been said on what to expect. When you’re done throwing away your gil, you’ll be able to throw away real money on things like weapons, costumes and monsters – for your party, I assume.

Are you content now? You can make giant birds race each other and pretend as a gambling addict. It’s everything everyone ever wanted.

Source: Nova Crystallis

For the first time, Square Enix has gone beyond murmurings of “possibly looking into DLC” for Final Fantasy XIII-2, and finally announced that the game will be receiving some. The DLC will come in two flavors to start with.

The first announced is a pre-order bonus for ordering from either Lawsons or HMV. This bonus provides you with special content for use in game but no details have been specified. The second will be post-release downloadable content but other than announcing that it’s in the works, Square hasn’t given us any details on it yet, except that it will allow players to enjoy the game to a greater depth.

Just like the original and Episode Zero, Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be receiving it’s own online novella before release. Titled Final Fantasy XIII: Lost Report, it’s set during the events of the first game but through the eyes of Rygdea and Yaag Rosch. The six chaptered story will begin being released on the official website some time this month and will once again be for Japan only.

Source: Andriasang

Final Fantasy XIII DLC Will Never Happen
Date: September 8th, 2010 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Final Fantasy XIII
Tags: , ,

After over a year of rumour and speculation about the potential for Downloadable content coming to Final Fantasy XIII, it was last ominously left with a comment from Motomou Toriyama saying “good things were on the horizon” to people who held onto their copies. This gave many hope that DLC would be making it’s way to FFXIII, and apparently it was. But not now.

In an interview, Toriyama states “We had plans for DLC, but those plans disappeared. Apologies!”. Many of you probably expected this lackluster news but it still begs the question, “Why not?”.

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