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Following last week’s 39/40 Famitsu review, Dengeki PlayStation have published their score for Square Enix’s latest offering. On a 100-point scale, Type-0 received 90/90/95/90 from the magazine’s reviewers.

Besides the review, a regular feature was run which included details on the game’s disc-swapping. As you might recall, Type-0 is apparently so large and epic that it requires two UMDs. Big deal, right? You just play the first until you get to the second. It’s not quite so straightforward. Dengeki states that the first UMD contains the prologue and first chapter as well as the final dungeon and chapter. And… nothing else. The bulk of the game seems to be on the second UMD, which you will be swapping to very early on. The second UMD also contains the game’s multiplayer component.

The New Game + mode for Type-0 is more traditional than its disc progression. You finish the game and then start again with all your stats carried over. It was revealed earlier that additional playthroughs will change the game’s story. Dengeki slightly elaborates that the focus will be shifted onto different characters. Considering the game’s rather large cast, it seems appropriate.


Toriyama and Kitase have been interviewed by Dengeki Playstation, in which they reveal a few new details about DLC and how Monsters play out in your party in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

So far, a fair amount of DLC has been announced. Kitase tells Dengeki that we can expect a lot more with downloads coming out about twice a month after the games released. He does however say that it won’t be as simple as just downloading an item or costume. To unlock them, you have to clear certain requirements within the game, such as defeating a particular monster. Right now, they’re making the necessary adjustments to the game to make it so the downloadable costumes will be visible in cutscenes.

Dengeki has gives a detailed explanation of the games Summon Raid and Syncro Drive Gauge systems used by Monster party members.

Summon Raid

Some Monsters turn into crystal during battles. The amount that do is dependent on the Monster. You can set up three monsters for use with Summon Raid, each with different roles in combat. When the player switches Paradigm, the monster with the role best suited for it will be swapped in.

Syncro Drive Gauge

When a Monster is fighting with your party, it builds up the Syncro Gauge. When the Gauge is full, the Monster has the chance to perform a special move. It may involve the player performing quick-times.

Source: Andriasang

Final Fantasy Type-0 Downloadable Version
Date: September 12th, 2011 Author: Ethan
News Category: Final Fantasy Type-0
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The latest news coming out of Dengeki is that a downloadable version of Final Fantasy Type-0 will indeed be available, which was certainly in question for a number of fans. For those who don’t want to bother with the physical release or those that, say, only have a PSP Go and have no choice, here is your answer.

Even better is that this version will not only be cheaper, but it will be available on the same day as Type-0′s physical releases, October 27th

Again, no word yet on a release outside of Japan, but hopefully if and when it does, it will receive the same treatment.

Thanks to forum member Ffamran mied Bunansa for the heads up.

Source: Dengeki

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Does the Time Warp
Date: September 6th, 2011 Author: Agent Dunham
News Category: Final Fantasy XIII-2
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Remember how last week, we found out Noel was from the future? Well he’s not the only one who gets to give time the finger. Now you can do it too! Dengeki PlayStation reveals a time-travelling mechanic in the game.

The Historiacross system works through gates in each area. By interacting with the gates, you can choose where – and more importantly, when – you want to go. The examples in the magazine show the Bresha Ruins both five years and three centuries from now. Using the system comes at a cost, though. You must use your treasure-seeking friend Mog to gather “O Parts”, which trigger the gates.

Why bother going to the future at all? Noel tells Serah that he saw Lightning there. If she wants to find her sister, the future may be the first place to look. Not to mention the fact that Noel is the last surviving human and wants to remedy that fact. And thus our heroes have embarked on a mutually beneficial quest.

Dengeki also has the first proper reveal on Lightning and her role in the game. As we already knew, she’s slumming it about in Valhalla, servicing the goddess Etro. According to the magazine, she’s not actually that far from being a god-like being herself.

Dengeki PlayStation is out in Japan tomorrow and Famitsu (on sale Thursday) is also set to have a feature on the game.


As in Final Fantasy XIII, l’Cie roam the world of Final Fantasy Type-0, striving to complete their focus. So far the only announced l’Cie is Gilgamesh, but the latest issue of Dengeki reveals two more, as well as another two minor characters.

Zhuyu – (voiced by Hiroki Touchi)

A l’Cie from Suzaku’s own crystal. He was once a student of the Peristylium until he had his focus bestowed upon him. He still wears his uniform in an attempt to not forget who he is but after being a l’Cie for several years, he’s slowly becoming less human. He’s extremely strong and uses fire magic (the symbol of Suzaku).

Qun’mi – (voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi)

She’s a l’Cie from the Byakko crystal in Milites who only recently became one. Wearing full armor, she has a tremendous battle strength which allows her to use weapons beyond their limits. She also uses Magitek Armor called Dainsleif which is equipped with a Crystal Jammer and can launch a large barrage of missiles simultaneously.

The other two characters revealed are Yuzuki and the King of Souryu. Yuzuki (voiced by Yuu Kobayashi) is a female who’s a member of a group that protects Concordia. The King of Souryu (voiced by Jun Fukuyama) hasn’t been named yet but is known for wearing a mask.

Source: Andriasang

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Skipping TGS
Date: August 9th, 2011 Author: Agent Dunham
News Category: Final Fantasy Versus XIII
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Tokyo Game Show. One of the world’s major gaming events and Japan’s biggest. Every September, gamers and their representative media swarm to get a dose of upcoming gaming awesome. Unfortunately for some, Final Fantasy Versus XIII won’t be a part of the sweet gaming formula pumped directly into the veins of the gaming world this year.

Speaking to Dengeki and doing them a little art favour as part of their 500th issue, Tetsuya Nomura said that Versus wouldn’t be appearing, but the next showing of the game has been set. When? He didn’t say, but they know and they will hopefully stick to it.

May this year marked five years since the game’s announcement.


As well as the Dengeki feature posted earlier, comes a new Final Fantasy Type-0 interview with Director Hajime Tabata and Art Director Yusuke Naora. The interview explains a few details on the development of the game, as well as the story and world featured within it. It has thankfully been transcribed by Sokuho@Hokanko and translated by Andriasang.

On Type 0′s Development

Type-0 was announced in 2006. At the time, only Tabata, Naora and Tetsuya Nomura were on the staff. Work was being done on Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, so it was only in 2008 that actual development began. Even then, the development team had to work on The 3rd Birthday, so Type-0′s development was kept at a minimum level for about a year.

Naora said that this is the longest he’s ever worked on a single game. At the time of the game’s announcement, they had nothing but a single main visual ready.

On Price
Tabata admitted that the price is a bit on the high side, but he said the quality and volume would match the price.

On Naora’s Involvement
Naora is overseeing the main visual and the designs of each of the game’s countries. Co Art Director Yusaku Nakaai is working on characters and monsters.

On Multiplayer Play
Here’s a bit about how the game’s multiplayer component will work. As previously detailed, Type-0 isn’t played multiplayer for extended periods. Instead, other players come into your game to assist briefly during battle[...]

Read the rest of the interview at Andriasang

Source: Sokuho@Hokanko

Dengeki has revealed Final Fantasy Type-0′s leveling system in their latest issue. The Alto Crystarium uses Phantoma (explained in our Jump article) of various colours to level certain magical abilities strength, duration, range, speed and MP cost. Below is a list of the different magical abilities characters have available to them.

SHG (Shotgun): As it names suggests, it’s a close range attack which does powerful spread damage.

RF (Rifle): Has a further range but has a narrower area of damage on targets.

BOM (Bomb): Used to attack surrounding enemies in close proximity. Particularly useful on small and fast enemies.

MIS (Missile): A seeking type of magic that will chase enemies on the battlefield.

ROK (Rocket Launcher): A targeted type of magic that will cause damage to all enemies in the area of it’s explosion.

All of the above attacks are available in Fire, Thunder and Ice elements throughout the game. To upgrade a Fire RF attack for example, 6 red Phantoma’s are required.

Source: Andriasang

As well as all the Final Fantasy XIII-2 details featured in Dengeki’s feature today, Toriyama has also confirmed that “Easy Mode” will be coming to Final Fantasy XIII for Playstation 3.

Easy Mode was one of the features added to the Japanese Xbox 360 release of FFXIII known as Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International. Toriyama says that a patch will be released for the PS3 version which will add this feature. The patch will be released in Japan on 21st July to coincide with the Ultimate Hits PS3 version release. He doesn’t mention whether the patch or budget version of the game will see an international release.

Source: Andriasang

Dengeki Playstation has just been released with an eight page spread covering the Final Fantasy XIII-2 details from E3. Most of it is things we’ve already heard but there are a few new details Toriyama and Kitase failed to mention elsewhere.

As already confirmed, Noel will be a major character in XIII-2 but in Dengeki, Toriyama confirms that he’ll have a more prominent role than Lightning with the game mainly progressing with Noel and Serah. Snow has been confirmed to make an appearance in XIII-2 but there’s no mention of him being playable.

The Mog Clock system which we’ve covered before apparently was implemented to help make battles shorter according to Toriyama.

Towns and the NPCs within them have a much larger role in XIII-2 with particular effort being put into the towns people. Members of your party will walk around towns freely getting into conversations with residents. The towns people will also have some form of individual AI according to Toriyama. One example of how it’s implemented is that NPCs will seek cover when it begins to rain. Apparently the weather in a certain area will also effect battles.

Finally, auto-saves will be much more frequent.

Source: Andriasang and Andriasang

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