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The promised Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo has been released on the US Playstation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace for Gold Members. The demo is the final build of the Atlas demo which has been playable at various gameshows around the world. It includes full monster taming mechanics and even gives you access to the Crystarium system.

The full game will be available in the US in exactly three weeks, leaving us in Europe a few days extra to anxiously wait. If you’ve got a US PSN account or an Xbox Live Gold account, you can grab the 1.7GB demo right now.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo Coming to PSN
Date: January 6th, 2012 Author: Emily
News Category: Final Fantasy XIII-2
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Get your controllers charged and ready, people! Siliconera has just confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII-2, along with a multitude of other titles, will have a playable demo before the game’s launch.

As of this moment, no details concerning the content of the demo have been released, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted, as always!

Thanks to forum member Meowster for finding the information.

New Final Fantasy Type-0 Demo
Date: November 18th, 2011 Author: Death Penalty
News Category: Final Fantasy Type-0
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Square-Enix will be releasing a new Type-0 demo, despite the game being out for nearly a month in Japan. If you didn’t get your Type-0 fix with the Natsubi demo, hopefully this will help ease the burden. You start the demo out with an item that doubles your experience as well as all of the unlockable summer costumes already unlocked. Assuming you purchase the game, you’ll be able to carry over all of your progress into the full game. The demo is due on the 22nd of November.

New York’s iteration of Comic Con is right around the corner and Square Enix is bringing Final Fantasy XIII-2 with them. As well as the demo being playable at the venue, Square is organising a panel where they’ll be presenting artwork of Final Fantasy XIII-2.

The panel entitled “East Meets West: Art Direction for a Worldwide Audience” is taking place on October 14th and will involved FFXIII-2 art director Isamu Kamikokuryo showing final and concept artwork for the game as well as Deus Ex: Human Revolution art director Jonathan Jacques-Belletête showing off some from his game. The panel promises to be an indepth discussion, moderated by videogame consultant and critic, N’Gai Croal.

Square has also told us via Twitter to keep our calendars open on the 14th for new FFXIII-2 news. Only a week to go.

New Your Comic Con – Final Fantasy XIII-2 Panel
SQEX_EVENTS Twitter – “More to come”

A fan event was recently held by Square Enix for a select group of people. For this event they were allowed to play the most updated demo for Final Fantasy XIII-2 as well as partake in a Q&A with two of the game’s main staff, Motomu Toriyama and Yoshinori Kitase. As such, a few new details not previously known has been revealed.

As far as story is concerned, they have confirmed that Snow, who has been absent thus far to which a handful of people seem grateful for, from what we have seen, will indeed make an appearance though apparently he has still yet to marry Serah.

Along with the Snow confirmation, they also stated that the upcoming Tokyo Game Show will host a slew of character reveals ranging from re-revealing older characters from the first game to new characters. For example, Hope, who was recently seen in the latest trailer will probably get a full reveal in the coming week. Also, it’s been a long time coming but it seems the the mysterious purple haired man from the very first trailer will also be finally, formally revealed.

They also hope to reveal the release date at TGS as well and they hinted at the possibility of a Limited Edition version which wouldn’t be too surprising. And naturally, as it was with the first game, the question of DLC came up to which they simply and again unsurprisingly said that they were looking into it. Also, don’t get rid of your Final Fantasy XIII save file because it may have some use when XIII-2 comes out.

You can read further about the gameplay in the updated demo, including new info on capturing monsters, party details and more here

Source: Nova Crystallis Blog

Final Fantasy Type-0 Delayed
Date: August 26th, 2011 Author: Agent Dunham
News Category: Final Fantasy Type-0
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Looks like Japan and importers are going to have to wait a bit longer than planned for Final Fantasy Type-0. The game’s original October 13 release date has been written off in favour of October 27. The single for the game’s theme song has also been pushed back to October 19 (originally October 5) and the soundtrack itself is now being released on October 26 (originally October 12).

The delay is due to Square Enix wishing to polish the game further. At the release of Type-0′s Natsubi demo, director Hajime Tabata specified ongoing tweaks for the game’s camera and Phantoma system.

Given the fact that the game was announced alongside Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII back at E3 2006, another two weeks is pretty much a drop in the ocean.


Final Fantasy Type-0 World Map Leaked
Date: August 21st, 2011 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Final Fantasy Type-0
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A little more has leaked from the Final Fantasy Type-0 demo. This time, the Type-0 world map has been extracted showing all four countries in their entirety. Although it’s small and not the best quality thanks to the method it was extracted with,  it does a good job at showing the world we’ll be playing in. In the second image, the location of the Suzaku Peristylium has been added to provide some scale.

Thanks to our forum member Rabla for finding this.

With the demo for Final Fantasy Type-0 being out for a few days now, Square has had plenty of feedback on the experience from the players themselves. There have been a couple of major complaints, mainly the poor camera and the Phantoma system. Quite surprisingly the games director, Hajime Tabata, has posted a video on the Square Enix Members Twitter where he assures fans that the camera and Phantoma system are being fixed. It’s great news that feedback has been taken onboard so quickly.

SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS | Hajime Tabata Type-0 Twitter Video

The Final Fantasy Type-0 demo has been out for under 24 hours but anxious players have already started probing the game files for any new information. Luckily, there’s been some success. Here’s a few discoveries from our forum member Rabla.

The only remaining character not to have her name revealed, is the shotgun-wielding member of Class Zero. According to the demo files, her name is Cater which fits as she had to be number four in the naming scheme of the party members (note – this has been confirmed through the unlockable uniforms too). As well as this, Bahamut has been confirmed as a playable summon, though that was fairly predictable. The other characters and summons missing from the demo are contained within the game files but trying to use them causes the game to freeze unfortunately.

We’ll update you with anymore finds.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Demo Released
Date: August 11th, 2011 Author: Kitmitsu
News Category: Final Fantasy Type-0
Tags: , ,

As promised by Square Enix last week, the Final Fantasy Type-0 demo has been released today on both the Japanese Playstation Store and the Official Type-0 Site. The Japanese demo is region free and available for anyone with a PSP to try out. All that’s required is 332MB of space on your memory card. Those of you without a Japanese PSN account are recommended to get it from the official site.

To download the demo from the official site you can visit this page or click the link directly below to begin your download now.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Natsubi Demo Download (332MB Zip) – Right Click > Save as

To install the game to your PSP, first connect it to the PC via USB or insert your Memory Stick if you have a card reader available. Unzip the file into the the GAME directory on the Memory Stick. The demo should now be available under the Game section of the XMB on your PSP. Enjoy. Remember Circle and X are the opposite way round!

The demo controls have thankfully been provided in English by Neoseeker user Rabla who has edited them into the image below.



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