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Final Fantasy XIII-2′s soundtrack has been released and tracks from it are popping up everywhere online. Final Fantasy XIII took a pretty big divergence from the series norm when it included several vocal tracks from background music. FFXIII-2 does even more of the same, with some resulting in either a disaster or hilarity. Take a listen of XIII-2′s new metal Chocobo theme below.

Youtube user psychotron502 has uploaded several other songs from the soundtrack, including the more traditional Chocobo theme for those of you who couldn’t handle the other one. Take a look.

Youtube | Final Fantasy XIII-2 Soundtrack Uploads

Siliconera has reported additional details about Final Fantasy XIII-2, which can be found in the upcoming issue of Famitsu. As we all know, the game sounds pretty awesome from what Square Enix has released thus far, but these new pieces of information have definitely made me more excited about the game.

The article states that Serah and Noel will be able to ride chocobos, which we already knew; however, this will only be possible by using something called a “gysahl green”. These items can be purchased from Chocolina, who is a time traveling merchant who sells a wide variety of goods and weapons. It then goes on to elaborate that a red chocobo will be present in the game, and that this creature in particular will be a nuisance. However, players can make him go away by throwing a gysahl green, and this strange chocobo may potentially have a backstory.

Siliconera then goes on to report that the weather will change within various locations, such as Archylte Steppe (this in particular will have four types of weather: fine weather, sandstorm, thunderstorm, and another mystery condition). Music and the types of monsters within the area will change as the weather does.

Finally, the game will feature dialogue choices called “Live Trigger Events”. Players will be able to select a conversational option based on which of the four buttons (square, triangle, circle, and X on the PS3, and Y, X, A, B on the Xbox 360) they select. This is what I find the most interesting; it’ll be cool to see where Square Enix takes this feature within Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Thanks to Musou for the info!

Source: Siliconera

Final Fantasy Type-0: Ten Minute Opening
Date: October 26th, 2011 Author: Emily
News Category: Final Fantasy Type-0
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The opening for Final Fantasy Type-0 has surfaced, and naturally, it looks awesome. Check it out below.

Thanks to forum member Ffamran mied Bunansa for posting the video.

New information from this week’s Dengeki issue has been leaked, thanks to Erren Van Duine from Nova Crystallis. Check out some new details from the translated article below:

New Capital Academia

Cocoon’s metropolis led by the Academy. The Academy’s idea is a future with no need of the fal’Cie. In Academia’s business district at night, Cie’th appear. Depending on the time period in which you visit, things will change.

Toriyama Mini Interview 1

Hope is about ten years older, he’s now the Academy’s leader but he also helps with Gran Pulse developments. Because of certain things that happened in Cocoon, some characters have a feeling of guilt. Other characters from XIII are also “walking new paths” and out of them, Hope really has changed the most.

Hope still keeps his boomerang as a memento of sorts, but he doesn’t really use it often.

Regarding Sazh, he too is helping the society of Gran Pulse in his own way.

Gigantic Casino Xanadu

Can be seen floating in the sky, but the time period it is in is unknown.

Slot Machines: You can buy coins to spend on these machines with gil. Conversely doing well will allow you to earn prizes.

Chocobo Races: Here you can have the chocobos you’ve captured in battle race. There are

five categories, with the top one having big prizes.

Chocobos have “Racing Points.” When these points hit 0 the chocobo must retire. Pressing the right button at the right time when a race starts gives you a start dash.

Minigame “Time Labirynth”

You’ll encounter these in the course of the story, but there are also optional ones.

“Vanishing Floor”: Every time you get off a floor panel it disappears. The stage is composed of a series of floor panels and crystals. The objective is to gather all the crystals.

“Crystal Bond”: Where you must link crystals of the same shape and color with each other.

“Clock’s Needle”: Where numbered crystals appear floating over a giant clock’s dial. Details are unknown.

Monster Special Skills

Tonberry’s Deep-seated Grudge : a special move where grudge is unleashed.

Chocobo’s “Kweh!”: a series of blows done with the chocobo’s beak.

Toriyama Mini Interview 2

One of the criticisms many people had towards XIII was the lack of dungeons. To fix that they created the Time Labyrinths which are similar to the Cloister of Trials segments from FFX. The ones you encounter as part of the story are relatively simple, but the really hard ones are optional.

Chocobos who participate in Chocobo Races can get stronger and learn new abilities while racing. You can also play with the slot machines.

Kitase: Staff members who did the slot machines put a lot of effort into them. Using them, you can acquire premium items but there are also risks.

While not a minigame itself, throwing the Moogle around to get treasure chests is also fun.

Kitase: One thing I’d like to clarify is that all these minigames are not DLC, they’re all contained in the game.

Source (full article): Nova Crystallis.

During the latest Nico Nico Type-0 stream, Tabata revealed a few new details about the game. We know a few such as the size of the games PSN download, but even more have been translated and the best news is that Chocobo breeding is back.

Chocobo’s can be found in the wild throughout the world in Type-0. They can be captured, but once you get off, they run away. You can however breed them and ride their offspring without fear of them leaving you. Just like previous games, you can obtain different breeds of Chocobo.

Dungeons are also scattered around the world with your party being able to explore them when you want a break from the story. Dungeons contain great treasure if you’re able to navigate them successfully. Sometimes, your three party members have to split up to explore the dungeons.

All missions in the game can be replayed via the Tactics menu on the games title screen. Once you complete a mission, it appears in this menu where you can play it again in multiplayer, and even play it at a harder difficulty than in the main game.

Source: Siliconera

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