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Default Weapon upgrade questions

Okay, so I'm at the start of chapter 12. Since then I've been upgrading my weapons, pouring various items into them. Around the end of chapter 11 I ended up with two ultracompact reactors, one of which I wasted and couldn't be bothered going back an hour in-game with the last save.

This prompted me to read up on how the upgrade system works, and at this point I realise I've probably been really wasteful with upgrading. First off I'm actually still on all the starter weapons, all maxed out with a star (though I realise you can take them further with catalysts as of now). I had a look at weapon upgrade grids and realised I could have upgraded much better weapons.

So my first question is - will it make a huge difference if I just continue with the starter weapons and max them out to ultimate ones once I get the right catalyst thingies, or, once I've let the resources pile up, get rid of them and switch to some better weapons - like Gladius, Sacrificial Circle, Malphas, Pearlwing Staff, Taming Poll and Paper Tiger - and upgrade those to ultimate weapons?

I'm thinking I could have made the game a lot easier for myself, alleviating the need for my huge grind at chapter 11 on Gran Pulse which maxed out the three main roles on all my characters to stage 8 and has made most battles easy for once (leaving more time for me to ACTUALLY ENJOY EXPLORING ).

Also, at this point in the game I have 713,191 gil. I haven't really bought much throughout the game. I'm hoping I'll be able to put part of this cash down on some decent upgrades once I get the R&D shop.

Will the last boss and enemies in the last part of the game be possible if I just have my characters well-leveled, or will I need good weapons?

And finally, taking into account my current situation - maxed out starter weapons - does that sound about right for chapter 12? Or am I bit behind or gone down the wrong route entirely?

Thanks, sorry to ramble
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I'm in the same boat as you, I really don't think I've been doing a good job upgrading weapons. I have no clue if the starter weapons are better to keep upgrading or I should use a newer weapon.
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Last boss is pretty easy to be honest. A lot of people finish if first time without doing any upgrades at all.
Answers to common FFXIII questions:

- Yes you can return to Gran Pulse
- Chocobos become available after mission 14
- Best way to upgrade weapons (early) is using 36 Sturdy Bones then Superconductors
- Good early gil: sell Incentive Chips that drop from PSICOM mobs
- Good CP in Chp 11: Behemoth vs Wolf in the North West corner of the map by the save point
- Exceptional theorycrafting mechanic thread: http://uk.faqs.ign.com/articles/108/1085648p1.html
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Read the rules, questions are to be asked in the Spoiler forum.

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