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Agent Dunham

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Default Assassin's Creed concept art

The Assassin's Creed FB page posted some concept art... from 2004.


''This concept was one of two illustrations. Patrice was playing around with the concept of “low profile” vs. “high profile”. For the low profile, I needed to concentrate on the nobility and mystery surrounding the assassin''


''This is the second concept presented for our initial meeting. In the first concept, we saw an assassin in his “low profile” state, which gives an air of nobility and mystery. I wanted to contrast that image with an assassin that is more dynamic for his “high profile” state. With the two concepts side by side, Patrice was able to effectively describe his vision and the mechanics of high and low profile.''


''This is a concept for a mountain fortress called Alamut. As you can see, the setting is quite fantasy oriented since the creative director and I were not sure how realistic we wanted the setting to be.''


''This is a particularly interesting image because it pre-dates our understanding of the Assassin Brand. As you can see here, the little kid on the horse is supposed to be the “Prince” of Prince of Persia, because we were all under the allusion that we were making a “POP –Sands of time” spinoff. The assassin was supposed to be the little prince’s bodyguard.''


"We toyed with the idea of making a female assassin"


'We debated whether or not co-op was going to make it into the first game.''

Full gallery

Pretty cool, seeing how it was at the very beginning, with a more fantastical style and ideas of co-op.

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It would have been cool to see how these concepts were actually implemented in-game. Interesting art, though.
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These are great, thanks for posting them. Interesting to think it was originally conceived of as a PoP spin-off.

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