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Old Mar 28 2012, 06:22 PM   #21
Blonde Serah

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There /is/ a market for turn based. I dunno if it's a large one but it just doesn't lend itself to the presentation that real time action combat does. It all depends on what audience a game wishes to cater to, but financial obligations will often support the presence of real time combat to sell a game on its action quotient.

JRPGs seem to be picking up on it because of competition with western RPGs. The general consensus was that, for a while, JRPGs were becoming stale and archaic while western RPGs were making a larger show in Japan and the west. To compete, JRPGs had to change their gameplan. Hence the reason why we see such fast paced combat in Final Fantasy XIII and real time combat in games such as Xenoblade and Last Story. For now, it's what the market demands of em.

What we see now mostly is a melding of turnbased and realtime combat. Essentially, it's varying forms of the combatants taking turns moving nonstop in real time that Bioware brought with the Baldur's Gate games. Almost all Bioware games allow players to pause in order to plan out an attack. Even the real time combat in Mass Effect has the power and weapons selection menu that pauses the game so that players can issue tactical orders to their squad.

It's a little bit of both forms of combat and an obvious attempt to satisfy those who prefer either one.

Losing your memory occurs in video games about as often as you reload your clip in Call of Duty.

If one more hack writer knocks up one more $h@tty ending to their story Imma go all Cathy Bates on their @$$!
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Old Mar 29 2012, 05:40 PM   #22
The thirst is real.

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In my opinion, Mass Effect is nothing like a RTS. It is, simply put, a third person cover-based shooter. Yes, you can make commands for your squad. You can tell them where to go, you can tell them what weapons to use, and you can tell them what abilities to activate. However, that's really the extent of the strategy component of the game. I would consider an RTS to be something like the original Warcraft games, Starcraft, or hell, even League of Legends. But certainly not Mass Effect or many other new releases of this generation. I'm not saying it isn't a strategy game, but it's not as strategic as people think. With Final Fantasy XIII, the entire combat system was about strategically changing your paradigms and then mashing the auto-attack button. With X, it was you pick your team, you swap them out according to the situation, you take turns making your moves, etc. The game market rarely sees that these days.

As someone who sells video games, I can tell you with certainty that only a handful of people actually want to buy something that requires RTS-type gameplay or even turn-based combat. Most games cater to the desire of the consumer, hence all these first person shooters, action platformers, and so on. Most of the time, when I tell someone, "Yeah, the combat is turn based", they go, "Ew, I'd rather have something much faster paced, like CoD." Of course, not everyone feels this way. But the great majority of people do, which is a reflection of the growing desire of action-based combat.
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Old Mar 29 2012, 05:52 PM   #23

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I just hope they keep some element of turn-based/strategy to the battle systems in the future. As long as they're all not hack n' slash. I don't mind them switching it up for one game (versus, it seems) every once in a while but I don't know if I'd like it if they went completely action combat on us. I do miss being able to control all the characters though...

Also, they could continue to add altenate forms of game-play aside from the main battle-system. VII did it way back in the day with the motorcycle and snowboarding mini games and XIII-2 added cinematic actions and the anomoly puzzles. If they added more like this with actions elements you could probably satisfy both desires.

Anyway I still like XIII-2 and its not like they've completely thrown away the ATB system yet so we'll just have to wait and see what the series looks like the future!
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Old Apr 04 2012, 03:25 AM   #24
The Twattiest

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Action is most certainly the way forward, I think. Not necessarily how we see it today, though, because games with any amount of popularity seem to be stuck in a rut of not changing at all.

I'm going to be using Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts as my primary examples for why action is the way forward.

Now, when I say "action", I do not mean mashing X or A or whatever it is your flavor of video games tells you to press. The type of action I see becoming popular (at least marginally popular, I don't expect anything to overthrow our FPS overlords in the next ten years) is similar to the style of Kingdom Hearts.

Now, with every new entry to Kingdom Hearts, the core style of gameplay remains the same. You have a menu, you press X to do whatever you've got selected on your menu. Personally I have found this to be rather ingenious, as we've seen how far the core gameplay mechanic has gone from KHI to BbS. While you can change a whole lot of stuff about it in the menus and whatnot, you always have that little menu there. But only fools would say that the series has not evolved with it's gameplay, despite the fact that we've been playing it very nearly the same way for the last ten years. It's action, the game still has heavy RPG elements, but it's still moving forward. But, of course, Kingdom Hearts has always been on the action side of things.

Final Fantasy. While everyone has a different opinion on what makes a Final Fantasy game, well, Final Fantasy, I would say that the series is about change. Every single game in the series has built upon or modified the one before it some slight way. And thirteen entries later, we have something that is radically different from FFI, but still somehow very similar. It has more action, and yet I can't say it's strictly turn-based. You have a bar, it fills up, you go. If you don't choose, the other guy keeps going. That's not really turn-taking, I'd say.

Anyhow, the series as a whole has come from being completely turn-based with four (five?) basic classes, and now we have the ATB, which has become the staple of the Final Fantasy gameplay, though it has changed with time. It's moved forward. And, as much as I find the FFXII system to be very nearly perfect, I would be furious if FFXV had the same system. Final Fantasy is meant to change, to move forward, and try new things. Sometimes these things don't work out as intended, sometimes they strike a gold mine. But no matter where it goes, it tries something out, it moves forward.

The gaming industry can only milk the FPS cow for so long. Though it has been longer than others. The cow of the NES/SNES eras was platforming, which moved forward into 3D territory, and then 3D platformers were the cow for the PSone/N64 era. The PS2/Xbox cow was the... Well, I don't think there really was a cow, until about halfway through the generation, when FPS began to dominate. Which has continued to now, and likely will through the next generation as well. But I expect it to be a bit more balanced, between FPS and Action games.

I do think action is the way forward. Personally I favor it over turn-based (though I still love turn-based, of course), and I really hope to see the menu-based action games become the next big thing. Hopefully they won't be as dried out as FPS games are, but I want to see it outside of Kingdom Hearts.

So yeah. Action is good, as long as it's not all button mashing.
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Old Apr 06 2012, 09:23 PM   #25
Blonde Serah

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Look at the success of classic adventure games... that's right, what success?

They were too slow... no action, no combat, no fighting. Just indepth writing, clever puzzles and fantastic environments. You don't really see much of those anymore. When you do, they are often critically acclaimed financial failures.

What the markets want the providers are all too willing to exchange services for... and the people demand action.

Losing your memory occurs in video games about as often as you reload your clip in Call of Duty.

If one more hack writer knocks up one more $h@tty ending to their story Imma go all Cathy Bates on their @$$!
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action, forward

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