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Old Feb 27 2012, 07:09 PM   #1

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Default Genji Bow and Serah Costume Problem...

My friend pre-ordered Final Fantasy XIII-2 on XBox and was given his codes for the items. He entered them and downloaded them, but when he goes in-game, the costume does not appear in the costumes area and the Genji Bow does not appear to purchase.
What has happened and what can you do to fix this?
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Old Feb 27 2012, 07:51 PM   #2

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Maybe he forgot to actually download it or install it? "Purchasing" =/= Downloading.

I had the exact same problem when I bought the game because PSN was down that day, so even though I used the code, I didn't actually get to download it until a few days later. I flipped all of the tables at first.
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Since nobody else will...

Did your friend update the game? You have to connect your PS3 to the net and update/patch the game. If you don't, DLC's may not appear.

Had this myself aswell, so if you haven't already, just give it update and you'll be fine.

As Lymle stated, even after downloading, you have to install it. If you're lost, just do it this way.

Re-download = Install (It will appear under XIII-2) = Update Game

If that doesn't work...

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Has your friend gone past the New Bodhum area? Say into Bresha Ruins 003AF? Because the costume doesn't appear until after you meet Noel and go into the first time gate. That's what happened with me anyway :/
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bow, costume, genji, problem, serah

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