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Default FFXIII Technical Drawing "Contest" (personal) for FFXIII Import Translation Program

Proposal: Make a technical diagram similar to the one above, which is a controller configuration reference guide for the Japanese release of FFXIII.

Open.I prefer my method of having a key, and two different colours which represent field and battle, but I also realize my design is probably "cluttered" and "too busy," and most certainly not asethetically or artistically pleasing.

This is not an official "contest" sponsored by the forums
, and is totally unrelated to Naunen's threads. This is just something I thought I'd throw out there, if anybody's interested. It is my hope to write a program such as a "Japanese Import Survival Tool," that will theoretically help people play the game, who have imported it but don't know a lick of Japanese, or know little Japanese. This program will have a dictionary of common terms with English and Japanese equivalents given, as well as images, maps, and hints for gameplay when you are stuck.

Also in this program currently in development, I intend to include a technical diagram of the game's controls. Well most people will already have memorized the controls from FAQs or the internet, but it helps to have it for reference.

The above is the best I can do, and bear in mind, I'm working with crap like MSPaintBrush. I KNOW real artists can do better than this shit. If you are able to come up with something far better than what I came up with, and if you give me permission, I will be happy to include your technical drawing in my program, and give you credit (when you click HELP -> ABOUT it will give the name of the person who made the drawing).

I hope to release the program around the time when people start getting their imports in. Bear in mind, the crap quality of my own technical drawing should not be construed as having any bearing to the quality of the program. Some people are artistically oriented, others are scientifically oriented. It's hard to be both, you're either good with one or the other, and trust me, I am no artist.

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Kilika Whale

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oh god .
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A dark, dark boy.

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Are you serious? I saw the controls posted somewhere else. You don't have to fucking draw them. xD

AH, here we go. http://kotaku.com/5355222/final-fant...trols-detailed

Just do what everyone else does, put the controls and all you need to know in a PDF or a text file and upload the shit to gamefaqs.
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I kinda agree wit Interficio Nocte but still good job I actually thought it was real.
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