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3/22/14, 22:04:33 Heretic
My crazy uncle's probably gonna kick the bucket. I'm gonna miss him yelling funny things at the people in his head.
3/22/14, 21:33:55 Dora
My head is killing me, had a 39.5 degree fever earlier.
3/22/14, 21:33:15 Dora
"Might be angry just because I couldn't go too..."
3/22/14, 21:32:26 Dora
She says she agrees, although then again, you never know if it actually happens.
3/22/14, 21:31:39 Dora
I dunno, I'd be alright if my gf did that.
3/22/14, 19:17:05 Singularity
Girlfriend's just told me she's going on holiday to Ayia Napa with her single girlfriends... I just... I can't even cope with how inappropriate her behaviour is for someone in a relationship sometimes. I'd never go on a lad's holiday when I have a gf.
3/22/14, 19:14:07 Singularity
http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showth...0886461&page=1 The daily Hitler appreciation thread, never change Misc.
3/22/14, 18:25:13 Jake
She's hot but has dark circles under her eyes. 2/10 WNB. Way below my standards.
3/22/14, 13:57:39 Singularity
The allure of Eastern European women cannot be resisted. Had a casual thing going with a Polish girl I worked with for a few months and she was so down to earth, was gutted when she went home.
3/22/14, 13:56:49 Singularity
Lol @ the internet obsession over the new Crimean commander.
3/22/14, 13:48:11 Singularity
It's well worth it for the price. My total playtime's nearly 20 hours.


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