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7/31/14, 02:36:58 Ethan
good lordt
7/30/14, 06:44:56 Rabla
and someone spent the last two years believing it
7/30/14, 06:44:35 Rabla
I forgot we even ran that joke
7/30/14, 06:44:18 Rabla
I literally just had to explain to someone that FFXV isn't actually coming out in episodic DLC
7/29/14, 03:15:55 Jake
The funeral song. NSFW.
7/29/14, 03:15:47 Jake
7/28/14, 18:11:13 Heretic
So will there be a funeral?
7/27/14, 14:24:13 Aquaman
Bad timing, I suppose.
7/27/14, 14:23:56 Aquaman
No one is online though, ffs.
7/27/14, 14:17:45 Aquaman
Why is this place still alive?
7/27/14, 05:14:27 Jake
#RIP #pouring1out
7/27/14, 05:00:43 Ethan
So this is how it ends.
7/27/14, 03:46:40 Jeremy
RIP in peace old ChatBox and ChatBox emotes.
7/27/14, 03:45:50 Jeremy
Waiting for my GAF account to be approved.
7/27/14, 01:01:25 Heretic
....So how's everyone been?
7/23/14, 02:54:19 Jake
7/22/14, 21:51:41 Dora
My sister started asking me about Lightning Returns for some reason.
7/15/14, 22:25:23 Jake
7/15/14, 13:09:11 Heretic
......How do people even still find this place?
7/10/14, 15:59:01 Singularity
Think I'm going to dig out the old PSP and play the Type-0 fan translation, knowing SE I'd be waiting years for the HD version.
7/10/14, 15:54:51 Singularity
Fantastic game though, I was surprised. Not flawless by any means, but easily the strongest entry in the sub-series. Truly felt like a FF game, and the final boss is awesome.
7/10/14, 15:54:04 Singularity
Lightning Returns' ending has the potential to tie into FFXV... oh god, we've got more Lightning to come.
7/8/14, 12:57:08 Jake
Northern Ireland, the America of the UK.
7/5/14, 10:10:41 Whiplash
Oh good, another site infested with paedophiles
7/5/14, 06:34:59 Heretic
I really had no words for those creepy fuckers.
7/4/14, 08:03:22 Jake
7/4/14, 08:00:58 Jake
But that's none of my business tho.
7/4/14, 08:00:47 Jake
I would say potential child molesters.
7/4/14, 08:00:31 Jake
The people defending this game are... something else.
7/4/14, 07:58:52 Jake
I plan to later with lots of alcohol.
7/4/14, 07:58:39 Jake
7/4/14, 06:42:55 Dora
MY SEESTRA IS 25! :celebrate:
7/4/14, 06:42:38 Dora
7/4/14, 06:42:14 Dora
Maybe we don't have a "standard" ISP. *shrug*
7/4/14, 00:54:18 Heretic
Yeah. NeoGAF is pretty weird.
7/3/14, 19:44:26 Dora
Don't know why I don't meet the requirements...
7/3/14, 19:43:48 Dora
Yeah, nope. I'm not getting the GAFs anytime soon.
7/3/14, 19:42:28 Dora
Let me get my fangirl on.
7/1/14, 17:39:09 Singularity
Beyond was weird. Finished it today and not really sure what I think of the whole thing. Not much of a game.
7/1/14, 17:38:41 Singularity
Halfway through Lightning Returns now and it's actually fantastic, best in the series by far. If XIII had had gameplay like this it'd have been received very well.
7/1/14, 08:31:47 Jake
7/1/14, 08:31:41 Jake
Run Time
7/1/14, 08:31:23 Jake
Dora, Imogen Heap released a new song from Sparks.


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