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3/17/14, 21:50:02 Jake
s latest song? It is so horrible. I cannot even comprehend it.
3/17/14, 21:49:46 Jake
But oh my god, have you heard J-Lo
3/17/14, 21:48:21 Dora
3/17/14, 21:47:18 Jake
I had to look up her up to even remember. :negativeman:
3/17/14, 21:43:30 Dora
Not sure what my co-workers thought when I took over the office music for a while.
3/17/14, 21:42:10 Dora
I only discovered recently that Nadia Ali was still around.
3/17/14, 21:40:35 Jake
Last Calvin song I actually liked was We Found Love. After that when he got his major success boost, he's been absolutely reductive.gif
3/17/14, 21:37:16 Dora
It does sound the same after a while.
3/17/14, 21:37:11 Jake
I wonder if Michael still stans.
3/17/14, 21:34:37 Jake
I like Florence's vocals and lyrics in Sweet Nothing. but oh my god, I am so fucking tired of Calvin's production. A true one trick shit pony.
3/17/14, 21:34:27 Dora
Wow, that *is* generic...
3/17/14, 21:33:32 Jake
God Her power.
3/17/14, 21:33:20 Dora
Ellie Goulding is already overplayed to death here without him.
3/17/14, 21:33:03 Dora
But him + Ellie Goulding = fjalkgjagag
3/17/14, 21:32:39 Dora
His Florence song was god-tier, I admit.
3/17/14, 21:31:04 Jake
Calvin really did turn to shit as soon as he got worldwide success. Sad.
3/17/14, 21:30:38 Jake
The song might as well be called Generic EDM 101.
3/17/14, 21:29:28 Jake
I feel bad for anyone who listens to radio when this shit stain eventually dominates.
3/17/14, 21:29:06 Jake
3/17/14, 21:25:20 Dora
3/17/14, 21:24:57 Jake
I need to delve into jazz more tbh.
3/17/14, 21:23:11 Dora
I really like that kind of jazz where you have a woman singing like this really slow song, all mellow and stuff, just have no idea what it is or who to look for.
3/17/14, 21:22:18 Jake
Lightly screaming.
3/17/14, 21:22:14 Jake
3/17/14, 21:20:56 Dora
Therefore I just listen to what's on the radio.
3/17/14, 21:20:41 Dora
I kinda grew out of my emo/metal phase, think it's just that I couldn't be bothered to keep up with all the artists.
3/17/14, 21:19:58 Jake
Me too. I feel like I'm one of the only people who can go from listening to Nine Inch Nails to Katy Perry.
3/17/14, 21:19:31 Dora
Well, maybe not rap or hiphop generally.
3/17/14, 21:19:11 Dora
I like a bit of everything.
3/17/14, 21:18:43 Jake
"What kind of music do you like?" "EDM." "Could you maybe narrow it down a bit?"
3/17/14, 21:15:40 Dora
Not quite sure what anything is anymore.
3/17/14, 21:15:19 Dora
I think I like a little bit of house influence in my dance/techno... I think.
3/17/14, 21:14:19 Jake
But not in quality sadly.
3/17/14, 21:14:11 Jake
We finally caught up with Europe.
3/17/14, 21:13:42 Jake
America getting its hands on dance music and doing something annoying.
3/17/14, 21:12:56 Jake
I do kind of hate how EDM has become the new buzzword these days.
3/17/14, 21:12:36 Jake
3/17/14, 21:12:31 Dora
Got my own mini-rave going on at work.
3/17/14, 21:12:05 Dora
Sorry, I mean EDM.
3/17/14, 21:11:54 Dora
I've just been listening to dance/trance stuff lately.
3/17/14, 21:08:45 Dora
3/17/14, 21:08:15 Jake
Her "chandeliers" are life giving.
3/17/14, 21:07:17 Dora
Sing it mutha.
3/17/14, 21:05:35 Jake
But I'm glad Sia kept it for herself.
3/17/14, 21:05:26 Jake
I could definitely picture Rihanna singing it tbh.
3/17/14, 21:05:00 Jake
I'm screaming.
3/17/14, 21:04:33 Dora
I thought it was Rihanna and nearly closed the tab.
3/17/14, 20:55:42 Jake
Still bald a day later.
3/17/14, 20:55:26 Jake
3/17/14, 20:43:31 Dora
That too.
3/17/14, 20:38:55 Jake
I'd rather go on Tumblr and ask and then be called 'cis scum'
3/17/14, 20:31:20 Dora
I'm sure some women's studies student out there has written a dissertation about the appeal of flannel, go look for yourself.
3/17/14, 20:30:20 Dora
Or at least it gives the illusion you're trying but really not.
3/17/14, 20:29:52 Dora
I suppose it fits into smart casual. *shrug*
3/17/14, 20:28:42 Dora
"Fucks sake, I don't everyone in the office to see my tits!"
3/17/14, 20:28:16 Dora
Nightmare looking for work shirts.
3/17/14, 20:27:50 Dora
I find that flannel ones tend to be the only button-shirts that don't have a ridiculous cleavage-taunting neckline.
3/17/14, 20:26:50 Dora
I just like shirts, tbh.
3/17/14, 20:25:14 Jake
But I'm still going to need you to explain the appeal of flannel.
3/17/14, 20:24:48 Dora
Welcome to the dark side.
3/17/14, 20:23:16 Jake
I'm a lesbian on the inside.
3/17/14, 20:22:07 Dora
It's like the hallmark of a lesbian, "processing" I think it's referred to.
3/17/14, 20:20:33 Jake
I'm guilty of that. So much. :negativeman:
3/17/14, 20:19:24 Dora
Eh, maybe I just overthink things.
3/17/14, 20:18:18 Jake
3/17/14, 20:16:02 Dora
Noone whats to read about my flubber.
3/17/14, 20:15:36 Dora
Yeah, I'll draw the line at graphic details.
3/17/14, 20:14:57 Jake
Eh, this is tame af.
3/17/14, 20:13:41 Jake
It would be.
3/17/14, 20:13:33 Dora
I can't believe I'm talking to you guys about this...
3/17/14, 20:12:51 Dora
God, I'm sure this would be easier if I was a guy.
3/17/14, 20:11:58 Dora
We've decided the problem is either I got some serious shame/repression shit about sex going on, or I really just don't want to have sex.
3/17/14, 20:11:17 Jake
3/17/14, 20:08:45 Dora
I've got the getting out of your clothes and cuddling part down.
3/17/14, 19:58:48 Jake
Being intimate with another person can help with that. But yeah, you're going to have to get over that hurdle first.
3/17/14, 19:56:24 Dora
I think it's there... but I think I'm just not comfortable with other people.
3/17/14, 19:56:00 Jake
Man they really love that score.
3/17/14, 19:55:54 Jake
Ground Zeroes scored a 38/40 in Famitsu.
3/17/14, 19:42:34 Jake
Clowns don't freak me out that much.
3/17/14, 19:42:20 Jake
AHS season four's supposedly going to have a carnival setting. Bleh.
3/17/14, 19:39:35 Jake
Just gotta find your sex drive. Have you checked under the bed?
3/17/14, 19:35:06 Dora
But yes, working on that.
3/17/14, 19:34:35 Dora
Just don't have much interest in it, much to the chagrin of the girlfriend.
3/17/14, 19:33:38 Dora
My sex life is near non-existent.
3/17/14, 19:33:04 Dora
Not surprised about the HIV thing, but still.
3/17/14, 19:32:22 Dora
3/17/14, 19:28:21 Singularity
Ahh, decided to quit cigarettes. Not even one day and I'm already feeling stressed, can't even hold a proper thought.
3/17/14, 18:15:36 Jake
3/17/14, 18:14:39 Singularity
Week before the period is the best, I practically get raped. Das it mane, das it.
3/17/14, 18:13:52 Singularity
It's not even that bad. Can get messy and you have put a towel down, but it's better than no sex and you just take a shower afterwards.
3/17/14, 17:45:12 Jake
Period sex. -shudder-
3/17/14, 17:41:53 Jake
Well shit, no wonder it transferred.
3/17/14, 17:41:40 Jake
3/17/14, 17:36:00 Jake
Any kids that you know of. DUN DUN DUN.
3/17/14, 17:15:29 Singularity
Fuck, I'm surprised I don't have any kids. I was an idiot back when I slept around.
3/17/14, 17:14:47 Singularity
I'm surprised I don't have any STDs.
3/17/14, 17:09:57 Jake
Welp, the promiscuous lesbian dream is dead.
3/17/14, 17:09:42 Jake


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