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3/17/14, 19:56:00 Jake
Man they really love that score.
3/17/14, 19:55:54 Jake
Ground Zeroes scored a 38/40 in Famitsu.
3/17/14, 19:42:34 Jake
Clowns don't freak me out that much.
3/17/14, 19:42:20 Jake
AHS season four's supposedly going to have a carnival setting. Bleh.
3/17/14, 19:39:35 Jake
Just gotta find your sex drive. Have you checked under the bed?
3/17/14, 18:15:36 Jake
3/17/14, 17:45:12 Jake
Period sex. -shudder-
3/17/14, 17:41:53 Jake
Well shit, no wonder it transferred.
3/17/14, 17:41:40 Jake
3/17/14, 17:36:00 Jake
Any kids that you know of. DUN DUN DUN.
3/17/14, 17:09:57 Jake
Welp, the promiscuous lesbian dream is dead.
3/17/14, 17:09:42 Jake


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