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7/23/14, 02:54:19 Jake
7/15/14, 22:25:23 Jake
7/8/14, 12:57:08 Jake
Northern Ireland, the America of the UK.
7/4/14, 08:03:22 Jake
7/4/14, 08:00:58 Jake
But that's none of my business tho.
7/4/14, 08:00:47 Jake
I would say potential child molesters.
7/4/14, 08:00:31 Jake
The people defending this game are... something else.
7/4/14, 07:58:52 Jake
I plan to later with lots of alcohol.
7/4/14, 07:58:39 Jake
7/1/14, 08:31:47 Jake
7/1/14, 08:31:41 Jake
Run Time
7/1/14, 08:31:23 Jake
Dora, Imogen Heap released a new song from Sparks.
7/1/14, 00:58:46 Jake
6/30/14, 04:44:24 Jake
I use.
6/30/14, 04:44:20 Jake
Gay sex scene between Eric and Jason on True Blood.
6/26/14, 00:12:34 Jake
I wouldn't want to buy it new and tell S-E I approve of their attempts to make Lightning happen.
6/26/14, 00:11:51 Jake
Still not buying it until I can get it for about $20 USED.
6/25/14, 22:05:44 Jake
6/24/14, 20:45:29 Jake
Gross at it still being $50. S-E must have made sure not to overship it.


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